Friday, March 26, 2010

exam vs holiday

Well, it's almost a week now that my exams were over, and now I'm happily having my vacation.
For the past weeks, it's been hard and tough. Staying up all night to read up what's left to read. Sleeping up to only 2 hours a day and sit for the exams to ensure good results. I was studying like it was the final in my 1st year. It was tough though.

As far as i was concern, usually this 1st Internal Assessment should be scored as high as possible, so that the carry marks will be better in the latter days. So, I've did my best and hopefully the marks will be good as well. But, unfortunately for Pharmacology, I found it hard to believe that the question were mostly same like the seniors paper and I definitely have read all that with the prepared answers, but still I couldn't remember what I've read which made me quite frustrated.

After all, I hope that all the subject I passed and happy with it. So, a few days later, I catch a flight to London to have a pleasant vacation which I actually need it. Here, I am blogging in London, a metropolitan city with a friendly citizens and heavens of shopping.

There are lots of places to go and visit and InsyaAllah I'll upload the photos here later.


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zati said...

wewe,,nak menyemak kat sini!

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