Thursday, October 29, 2009

the new phase

Alhamdulillah and InsyaAllah by next week the new phase in my life will start.
After the hard work for the supplementary exam and now Alhamdulillah I've passed. So, new chapter of my medical life will begin officially next week.

Honestly,I'm quite jealous with some of my friends who made through the finals and get to go to the hospital for clinical earlier than i do. So, now it's my turn and some of too to go to the hospitals for posting. Bet, 2nd phase will be more exciting yet tough one and half years.

I promise to myself that I'll work hard to succeed in the medical profession. Class had started and there's lots to catch up due to the supplementary delay. I've been to class for 2 days which unofficially and found it quite interesting but somehow very difficult to blend in since I've missed almost 3 weeks and that's not a reason for me to me lazy, instead i have to be hardworking.

To which hospital to be posted, still don't know yet, but definitely i'll be going to St. Teresa i think. That's the choice left. So, I'm so looking forward.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evil's Call

some of my friends had received evil's call from this instituition due to the payment which they clearly wanted us to pay so badly. Surprisingly, many of us had already made the payment, because we want to know the result, which again, including me!

So, yesterday night, i called my dad asked him weather is there any evil's call and luckily there was not evil's call. So, brilliantly i asked my dad to start maki hamun the one from financial department of M** who made the call and finally humiliate them by telling that i've made the payment. [not that i really want to humiliate them ok, just that i'm mad that there is no explaination for the EXPENSIVE payment.]

What a lucky guess today. M** did called my parents and i'm happy to tell you guys that my dad actually did the part MAKI HAMUN part till the girl on the phone sounded really scared and kelam kabut and she even tell my dad to talk to Mr Tarmizi or something his name and the final part which my dad say it out loud to them that i've made the payment already just to embarrassed them.

See, my plan really worked out and love when my dad told me that the girl on the phone sounded really scared and totally not ready.

Well, a piece of advice to M** [as if they are reading my blog] that's just superficial. I can actually do more and just wait and see what will happen later.


Friday, October 23, 2009


Alhamdulillah and most thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to pass in the supplementary exam and also to all my friends here for the support and doa you guys have put up to all of us who sat for the supplementary examination.

I've heard many of us passed and some of us who left behind. I'm sorry and i wish i could say that how you guys feel, but i don't know how it feels and i'm not going to lie about it. But one thing for sure that i know is, there's always a bless in disguise. It may sounded that i'm selfish, but seriously no. I pray everyday that all of us could passed without left over, but Allah know better than me. Allah, may give us rain,storm and hurricane to hide the fact that Allah actually trying to give us rainbow.

It's hard to swallow the fact, but Allah always a good listener.

Sitting for supplementary exams, makes me wonder how i was when i was in primary school that how strict my parents were. How they taught me with the cane on the table. I'm thankful to have that kind of parents who taught me that way that now i learn a lesson of my life. It's hard to be a better person. i have the opportunity to be a doctor and pursue what i wanted to be and i'm not going to waste it. Thinking of what happen to my mum when she wanted to do law,but money was the problem and she had to let go, while some of her friends gone to oversea. I really hope that 2nd phase will bring me more alertness and teach me to be a better person.

Even though i'm broke due to the payment of unbelieveably expensive-by-not-knowing-what-is-it-for-payment to MSU, i think its worth rather than paying way more money to MSU blindly for the rest of repeating year. [note that,not that i agreed with the amount RM2000 for a paper to reseat,in fact i will ha*** kan the balance of unknown details]

See you in 2nd Phase.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Every year, Diwali been celebrated by all the Indians all around the globe and it does include India obviously. Well, it's my experience that i've been here in India or almost a year and 2nd Diwali in India.

What i found it interesting was, celebrating in India,which differ from Malaysia was, here they celebrated Diwali with all the firecrackers and all. What our batch did was, they bought RS4000 (nearly Rm300) of fire crackers just to create the feel of the celebration. It also became more interesting when all the juniors (baby juniors) had the fun together to join us at the rooftop C block for the celebration. Note, that there also some of the baby juniors were my friends too. Happy that they were here as part of IMS. May Azam,Ijat and Meno having fun with all the things in India.

I would say it's happening and abso-fu**ing-lutely cool..hehe =)

Too bad that i didn't have the feeling of bring my little cute camera, but don't worry there's some of the photos my friends snapped. Definitely i'll upload it here.

Baby juniors having fun

And one more, to all the juniors, don't be shy with us. If super junior can mingle around with seniors and super seniors, why not you guys, right? So, let's make Bangalore community as a family!


Monday, October 5, 2009


This few days back, I've been thinking of what i'm going to do. Study? I really need to, but i really need the guts to do it. Planning a lot of things to buy for India. Time, i wonder why i flew faster than i thought, because I'm going back to India on the Wednesday and you guys know that I'm going back to India with junior. Yeay! ooppss.

Ok, what wonder me more is, how I'm going to miss the 'I AM.....TOUR 2009' by Beyonce, who someone I adore. Don't you? I think it's a lifetime opportunity. HAHA. Last time it was in 2007, if I'm not mistaken, which last minute they have to call off the show and made it in Indonesia instead. And now, it's in Malaisie for God sake and they do it 24th? why 24th? =(

Time also took away my friends away. So sad that i'm going leave my dear friend Nizar. Hope he'll be ok and always pray the good things for him. yeah, time also took Aqeem and Effa away. But, and here's the cool idea of mine came to mind that i wanna meet them!!!!! Gosh, hope it's going to be true. Amin =)

12th Oct, there's an exam need to be reseat. All i have to say is i'm going to try my hardest and knock it on!!! I WILL PASS THE PAPER!!! yeay! cheers!

So, time please, don't fly to fast after this because I wanna utilize my every minute and every time and make me feel better for myself.


p/s: I've started missing Effa,Aqeem,Jijah =( and Pilin is coming to town!!

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