Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's winter and hols are coming.

First of all, as u all know that now it's already winter, but there's a weird phenomena happens here in IMS, we call it as BREEDING. I don't know why maybe it's nature. Whatever~

So, usually winter there will definitely have holidays right, but unfortunately as for my batch and lateral entry student, our holiday are canceled. Know why? due to lack of class and need to catch up with the presenting batches, so we need to attend classes and posting as it is alternately with Community Medicine, which mostly people hate.

But, it's ok, at least i can still continue my saving cause i have plans for the next vacation. HEHE.
Till here then, sorry for the late post. I'm a busy person, so lots of my time i spent to do something else.


Friday, November 20, 2009



Its almost december already and my posting to Mahaveer Jain hospital will be started on the 1st of December 2009 and that's the good news announced by Dr. Pandit. On the other hand, there's also bad news which is there will be NO HOLIDAY for us this fine winter. I other words, our winter break are cancelled due t some circumstances that we need to catch up with the other classes.

In addition, in that hospital also, we are strictly cannot bring any non-veg food even egg, which they all are strict vegan. *sigh*

But, anyways, i'm still happy, but pity some of my friends, some of them already booked their tickets going back to Malaysia and some of them are going to Agra, Goa and many other places. Lucky me that i don't have any plan to go any vacation.

Finally, i'm looking forward for the posting and our clinical classes are also almost finished. Hopefully we also have the opportunity to enter the OT like Sindhi Hospital students. =)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeay!! Jain here i come!

Finally, posting will be started in December most probably. Dr.Pandit annouce it just now in class that we all are going to a new hospital Mahaveer Jain Hospital for clinical. Clinical theory classes also had started today with surgery.

It will alternately change for surgery and medicine. This is also due to left out for about 1 month, so there's lots to catch up with the remaining batches. So, make it work.

I'm so looking forward for the clinical posting. =)

wish me luck!


Friday, November 6, 2009

tonnes of work.

well, my class has officially started and guess what. it's been almost a month of lecture and work that I've missed. So, now, i'm back in track and lots of work to be done and lots of topic to be read.

There are 5 subject taken but i would say 4 since i don't even know how and what they are teaching in Community Medicine. 17th November will be the first Pathology test on Anemia and 1st of December will be the first Pathology tutorials.

On 19th onwards the posting to hospital will be official. Still don't know where exactly i'm gonna be. Heard that there will be 2 different hopsital from Dr. Sudha which are St. Teresa and Mahaveer Jain Hospital [this is not sure,they said jain,so i assume Mahaveer Jain] .

Ok, the point is, there are tonnes of work to be done. So, better get my lazy butt working or else it's going to be a mess AGAIN later, if you know what i mean.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

the new phase

Alhamdulillah and InsyaAllah by next week the new phase in my life will start.
After the hard work for the supplementary exam and now Alhamdulillah I've passed. So, new chapter of my medical life will begin officially next week.

Honestly,I'm quite jealous with some of my friends who made through the finals and get to go to the hospital for clinical earlier than i do. So, now it's my turn and some of too to go to the hospitals for posting. Bet, 2nd phase will be more exciting yet tough one and half years.

I promise to myself that I'll work hard to succeed in the medical profession. Class had started and there's lots to catch up due to the supplementary delay. I've been to class for 2 days which unofficially and found it quite interesting but somehow very difficult to blend in since I've missed almost 3 weeks and that's not a reason for me to me lazy, instead i have to be hardworking.

To which hospital to be posted, still don't know yet, but definitely i'll be going to St. Teresa i think. That's the choice left. So, I'm so looking forward.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evil's Call

some of my friends had received evil's call from this instituition due to the payment which they clearly wanted us to pay so badly. Surprisingly, many of us had already made the payment, because we want to know the result, which again, including me!

So, yesterday night, i called my dad asked him weather is there any evil's call and luckily there was not evil's call. So, brilliantly i asked my dad to start maki hamun the one from financial department of M** who made the call and finally humiliate them by telling that i've made the payment. [not that i really want to humiliate them ok, just that i'm mad that there is no explaination for the EXPENSIVE payment.]

What a lucky guess today. M** did called my parents and i'm happy to tell you guys that my dad actually did the part MAKI HAMUN part till the girl on the phone sounded really scared and kelam kabut and she even tell my dad to talk to Mr Tarmizi or something his name and the final part which my dad say it out loud to them that i've made the payment already just to embarrassed them.

See, my plan really worked out and love when my dad told me that the girl on the phone sounded really scared and totally not ready.

Well, a piece of advice to M** [as if they are reading my blog] that's just superficial. I can actually do more and just wait and see what will happen later.


Friday, October 23, 2009


Alhamdulillah and most thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to pass in the supplementary exam and also to all my friends here for the support and doa you guys have put up to all of us who sat for the supplementary examination.

I've heard many of us passed and some of us who left behind. I'm sorry and i wish i could say that how you guys feel, but i don't know how it feels and i'm not going to lie about it. But one thing for sure that i know is, there's always a bless in disguise. It may sounded that i'm selfish, but seriously no. I pray everyday that all of us could passed without left over, but Allah know better than me. Allah, may give us rain,storm and hurricane to hide the fact that Allah actually trying to give us rainbow.

It's hard to swallow the fact, but Allah always a good listener.

Sitting for supplementary exams, makes me wonder how i was when i was in primary school that how strict my parents were. How they taught me with the cane on the table. I'm thankful to have that kind of parents who taught me that way that now i learn a lesson of my life. It's hard to be a better person. i have the opportunity to be a doctor and pursue what i wanted to be and i'm not going to waste it. Thinking of what happen to my mum when she wanted to do law,but money was the problem and she had to let go, while some of her friends gone to oversea. I really hope that 2nd phase will bring me more alertness and teach me to be a better person.

Even though i'm broke due to the payment of unbelieveably expensive-by-not-knowing-what-is-it-for-payment to MSU, i think its worth rather than paying way more money to MSU blindly for the rest of repeating year. [note that,not that i agreed with the amount RM2000 for a paper to reseat,in fact i will ha*** kan the balance of unknown details]

See you in 2nd Phase.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Every year, Diwali been celebrated by all the Indians all around the globe and it does include India obviously. Well, it's my experience that i've been here in India or almost a year and 2nd Diwali in India.

What i found it interesting was, celebrating in India,which differ from Malaysia was, here they celebrated Diwali with all the firecrackers and all. What our batch did was, they bought RS4000 (nearly Rm300) of fire crackers just to create the feel of the celebration. It also became more interesting when all the juniors (baby juniors) had the fun together to join us at the rooftop C block for the celebration. Note, that there also some of the baby juniors were my friends too. Happy that they were here as part of IMS. May Azam,Ijat and Meno having fun with all the things in India.

I would say it's happening and abso-fu**ing-lutely cool..hehe =)

Too bad that i didn't have the feeling of bring my little cute camera, but don't worry there's some of the photos my friends snapped. Definitely i'll upload it here.

Baby juniors having fun

And one more, to all the juniors, don't be shy with us. If super junior can mingle around with seniors and super seniors, why not you guys, right? So, let's make Bangalore community as a family!


Monday, October 5, 2009


This few days back, I've been thinking of what i'm going to do. Study? I really need to, but i really need the guts to do it. Planning a lot of things to buy for India. Time, i wonder why i flew faster than i thought, because I'm going back to India on the Wednesday and you guys know that I'm going back to India with junior. Yeay! ooppss.

Ok, what wonder me more is, how I'm going to miss the 'I AM.....TOUR 2009' by Beyonce, who someone I adore. Don't you? I think it's a lifetime opportunity. HAHA. Last time it was in 2007, if I'm not mistaken, which last minute they have to call off the show and made it in Indonesia instead. And now, it's in Malaisie for God sake and they do it 24th? why 24th? =(

Time also took away my friends away. So sad that i'm going leave my dear friend Nizar. Hope he'll be ok and always pray the good things for him. yeah, time also took Aqeem and Effa away. But, and here's the cool idea of mine came to mind that i wanna meet them!!!!! Gosh, hope it's going to be true. Amin =)

12th Oct, there's an exam need to be reseat. All i have to say is i'm going to try my hardest and knock it on!!! I WILL PASS THE PAPER!!! yeay! cheers!

So, time please, don't fly to fast after this because I wanna utilize my every minute and every time and make me feel better for myself.


p/s: I've started missing Effa,Aqeem,Jijah =( and Pilin is coming to town!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


As usual, when my bestfriend is leaving Malaysia to study abroad, there's always a special post for them. And now this is for Aqeem.

First of all, i shall say i've did the right thing to nurture him to the right path [katenye]. I knew this naughty boy in SDAR in 2005 which is when i'm form 4. Obviously he's new intake in form 4. Still remember how he try really hard to adapt with us [nizar,pilin,mafia,effa,jijah and me]. During ice breaking in the mosque, we've been talking bout him and make jokes about him which he really try to fit in and finally he really fit in with us.

I was in the same class with him in form 5. Aqeem is kind,helpful,bright and smart. He's also a pervert and i-can't-describe-it-here.[some people might understand i shall say]. We share gossips together and talking about people we adore the most and also people we hate the most together and even love the same people together. ooopppss..

Enough of memoirs, and now he's leaving for London for medic and he's bright enough for Queen Mary. Congratulation and hope the bes for. Telling you this is not the end of the world, so good luck and i'll see you in London. As SOMEONE TOLD ME before to KEEP AS MUCH MONEY IN POUNDS so that i can go to London. [as if i don't know UK using Pounds and i can really afford to go to UK you know] HAHA. Anyways, I HEART YOU Aqeem.


Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Oct 2009



Raya/Eid 2009

I shall say for me, it's a bit dull since 2 of my granny just passed away in 2009. So, the emptiness still there. So, we when to visit the grave yard in the morning and recite Yassin. Went back home and sleep. [bad huh?!] Seriously, it's damn tired due to some reasons that i'm insomnia plus it's really hot that day.

In the evening, the whole big family, as in BIG FAMILY went to my uncle house and just an adat, just chit-chatting. With all the ladies [including mummies] talking gossip, while men talking politics and stuff. See, the difference between men and women. Then finally convoy to my house to get ready for my brother's engagement present which need to be done and decorated.

As usual, when all my aunties and cousins doing all the decoration part, it always include a package of gossip and some pervert jokes. [ yeah, that happens in my big family,and it doesn't care where are we.] laugh..laugh..and laugh! LOL.

2nd day of Eid still boring, but still cheerful with all the cousins' around. Blast of laugh everywhere and jokes. Till midnight, we all still laughing like crazy.

3rd day - my brother's engagement day. Happening. we convoyed from Ipoh to Penang with 9 cars. The ceremony was huge and the family were friendly and warm. Done about 2pm. Next, we headed to Ferringhi and Gurney. wanted to lepak at Gurney drive,but unfortunately no parking and yet the parking were far away from Gurney Plaza. Went to Gurney just for a while, you know, window shopping. Before we headed back to Ipoh, had our hi-tea in Kapitan Restaurant for tea and then straight away headed to Ipoh.

That's what happen for my Eid in 3 days. And, suddenly i forgot that Gossip Girl S03E02 had been released, so straight away i download and luckily the internet was ok. One more before i'm off, duit raya, intresting ryte, when i'm older as in 20 years old, the amount is more and i wish my age will be 20 forever so that i'll still receive the money. HEHE. The condition where i will not be receiving duit raya is when i'm no longer a student or in other word when i've started to work. SO, i DON'T wanna work!!!!

and that's it. Raya/Eid.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid

here, I would like to wish all the Muslims all around the world,


may this year's Eid, bring us lots of joy and happiness. I would also sincerely seek for forgiveness for all the wrong doings.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's for u effa II

Before we went to the airport, we went to Mid Valley to find somthing for Effa, and here's what we got for him. Hope u like it Effa. (=

Wishing you all the best there and do keep in touch!

PS : I know it's cute ryte? =))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's for u effa

well, this is a special post i wanna dedicate to my dear friend who are leaving for Newcastle tomorrow night. His name is Azree Amrun but we used to call him Effa. It's been very long time being with you as friend. A bestfriend in fact.

And tomorrow you are leaving and we all gonna really missed you. You've been a very supportive, friendly, caring, patient, helpful, kind and many other words that's can describe who you really are.

You'll not going to be around with us anymore ho hang out together, sleepover, mid night movies, staying up with juniors, guys night out, merdeka countdown. But, you know something, we might be able to meet up actually. So, don't worry too much and since Aqeem is going to London, so i guess, for me, he's the centre place to met up maybe. [better take note,ok, Telo] And i choose London is not because of you-know-what, if you know what i mean.

I writing this because i'll have no time, since planned have been made for this few week. So, have fun there and we'll catch up later and do send me your phone number once you reached there. Bon Voyage and bestfriends for eternity.

p/s: still meeting you tomorrow ok. don't worry i'll be there.

The Ugly Truth

i've just watched The Ugly Truth.
at first i felt it was boring and cliche romantic love story, but hell no.
it's not cliche at least. it a romantic comedy in its own way of expressing it.
the story line is superb and the actors and actress were excellent.

I was suggested by Iqbal, but i refuse to watch it actually, but see what happen. Still watching and loving it.

So, people out there, go kick some ass! Happy Watching!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


have you ever heard the word coward?
well, it seems to me that that kind of people is afraid of truth and their self.

i know a person who is coward. this person doesn't have guts to tell truth and blame other on what he did. He'd hiding inside people's profile and using others profile.

He is to me very coward and just to embarassed to say to the world who he really is. I hate this guy and really hate himself. He, who don't want to admit who he is and how he's been doing.

He didn't realized that i'm t the only one who hated him, but there's more out there who hate him more than i do. He's just like a virus to other people. But, hell yeah there's some people who adores him, but definitely not me. The people who let him use their profiles and id(s).

Uweks...I hate this guy!

so let have a guess? who is it?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

going back

finishing up the foods

at Madam Kwan's

PappaRich Bandar Sri Permaisuri

in front of deco KLCC

import from Russia.

waiting for the elevator.

with the teachers.

Malaysia Holiday

it's been a while since my last post.
well, there's plenty of reasons why there's no update. I've been busy with exams, and getting results, puasa, and packing thing to bring back home. So, here i am writhin gon this blog.

I wanna share what i've been doing since a week in Malaysia. Well, i arrived in KLIA on Wednesday morning and straight away went back to Perak. I shall say fasting in Perak this time rather boring since i've grown up i guess. Well, not much of excitement,except the fact that i'm home for eid this year. Not much of bazaar Ramadhan and all.

This week, i had a little blast and satisfying week i would say. I went to KL to sent off my friend, Izzat Shufphi to Czech Republic to persuit medic there. Many of us there actually and it's like a mini reunion. I went to KLIA with Nizar, Effa, Telo, Azam. There, we met Mentol, Junko, Amir, EE, Toche, and several other guys. (sorry i'm tired to type all the names).

Then, we straight away headed to Seremban for the next day plan which is SDAR. We when there since many among us are going to fly soon, so we wanna pay our last visit to the alma mater. [not me,actually]. Arrive there quite late and we also had our mid nite sahur in Taipan Senawang + 7eleven for snacks. Arrive SDAR around 1am and yet still i had a chance to meet up with Akram. hehe =)

Tuesday, meet with the teachers and all staff and we dismiss that nite. I went back withNizar to Rembau and continue our plans with our senoir next day. Kotok, just arrived from Paris and we meet up and hang out that nite to KLCC for breaking fast, but unfortunately we didnt manage to arrive there on time, so we booked for 8.45pm. Kotok actually craving for Malay food, so we ate at Madam Kwan's. Food was superb and lepak2 there till 11pm something. Chit chating and all.

Headed back to Cengal Apartment, but before that we stick around PappaRich for coffea and talks. It's been a long time we havent done that since i fly to India, plus Jenglotte were also there. He's back for good now and yet still not working. Continue chatting at home till everybody fell asleep.

The Next day, Kotok cook for us and had a great day. Sahur and all were all fun. Except that i'm home by friday. Actually, the plan was wanna catch up 1pm train, but unfortunately i slept late because of Project Runway. So, Kotok drop us at KL Sentral by 3pm and i leave KL at 6pm. When to Bukit Bintang in rush to get something for myself, but what i'm looking for wasn't there and wanted to drop by to Pavilion,but it's raining. So, take a monorail to KL Sentral back and getting ready to go back.

next week will be another adventure. Wanna send Effa off to Newcastle. We'll meet up one time in London maybe! And as usual, next post will be the photos~

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's been a while i didn't update my blog and there's only 1 reason for that, its the EXAM fever came thru my life since last 2 weeks. Well, last 2 week was the study leave and i decided not to update nor interneting, but today i've finished half of the final examination and i loosen up a bit so that i can have some time to update.

It was unbelievable that i'm almost done first year MBBS in Incredible India. Well, there;s lots to cover within that 2 weeks and i used it wisefully so that i will not regret in the end. Alhamdulillah, now 2 papers were already done which is Anatomy I & II and Physiology I & II. it's not expected that anatomy question would be quite tough and physiology not far from that.

There's so many things that should be credited this whole 1st year and believe it or not, i'm going home soon. Many thing had been taught in IMS this year and really appreciate it and hopefully it will not deplete from my frontal cortex and my Papez circuit will work functionally. There's 1 more paper left next week and break for a week and finally the practical examination. Then, free and really want to go home.

1 thing that i pray hard to Allah everyday is, i hope i wouldn't repeat year and really don't want that to happen. May i pass this Phase I MBBS Professional Examination and pray for my best ok. Ameen! and there's also 1 more thing. Swine flu. Gosh, i'm scared to go back to Malaysia because of this.

I have 1 friend back there in Malaysia who were infected and to bad that she passed away because of pneumonia and heart failure in her sleep.Maybe Allah love her most and know better for her. My deep condolences to her family and may her rest in peace. May Allah put late Zahidatul Syazana Zamri among the soleh and solehah. Ameen.

this here then, pen's off!

Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd June and 20th July

my Tok Mak

my Tok

Last month i was shocked by the news, my Tok Mak passed away and now,on 20th July, my beloved Tok just passed away and i'm here in India staying alone and couldn't have the chance to kiss her, to hug her, to look at her, to take care of her, to accompany her in the hospital, to held her for the last time.

This year wouldn't be the same as last year.
Last year I celebrated my raya with both of my grandma alive, but this year i won't be the same.
Both of my grandma already gone to meet Allah ,The most Gracious.

Everyday i sat and pray that may Allah give her the strenght to stay a bit longer until i could see her for the last time, but Allah loves her more. My mum is worried that i may not concerntrate of my exam by the new and planning to keep it until my exams are over. Luckily today and tomorrow i don't have exam and i got the news from my brother.

Tok, even though i couldn't have the chance to take care of you, i couldn't hug you, i couldn't kiss yuo, i couldn't stay with you in the hospital, i couldn't see you for the final time, but deep in my heart i always love and going to miss you alot Tok. May Allah put Tok and Tok Mak among the Soleh and Solelah.

Friday, July 10, 2009

busy week?

it's been a while that i'm not updated thru this blog, but will be soon!
As far as i'm concern my exam is just around the corner and i'm not a big fan of exam but what to do, i have to face it.

The time is short enough that lots of chapters to be covered!

C'est la vie! Viva Examination!

Good Luck to all Phase I student for the 3rd Internal Examination.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

IMS Sports Carnival

Well, its the IMS Sports Carnival. I didn't expect that taking this course will also include sports day like high scholl, but, anyways it's still fun. It is held 3 days in a row and it was started last night with few sports. Ironically, its not just olympic games were played, but also some traditional games as well as fun games.

Tomorrow will be the peak of the event where it will be held in HMT Jalahali Sports Complex, which i also don't really know where is it, but one thing i'm sure of is, tomorrow will be so much fun with lots of activities and there will be food fest as well.

Anyways, as for me, i think it would be much hectic. I'm the AJK for 'sukaneka' which have to brief to the participants. Gosh, i hope i'll have the gut to speak tomorrow. As for today, there's been a lot happening at the court. I would say, its the immature-ness part of some people. I don't really know how it happened but what i knew was, it's the jaw that dislocate. For me, as we all growing up older, we should have a mature thinking and emotion as well. In fact, we all are here to be a future doctor, but if this immature action that actually did happened today was not supposed to happen.

I mean, come on guys, you guys are big enough to know and differentiate which one is good and which one is bad. That a simple thing that should bare in mind. Who else could have such childish-minded to go and kick someone to someones jaw due to frustration and emotionally unstable? Maybe, we never realize that and we actually don't really have the intention to do so, but always remember, even so how mad and unstable we are, think of Allah, if not, this kind of thing would happen.

So, let yesterday be a lesson and make today a better day. Today is our IMS Sports Carnival and let's have some fun people!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lost with pride

Recently, SDAR Symphonic Band won the 1st runner up in the Festival Wind Orchestra SBP & Cluster School 2009, yet the boys weren't happy not that they not thankful, but sad because they really work hard and wanted to win so badly. I cried that we lost to TKC (Tunku Kurshiah College)with the repertoire ' Disney Festival'.

In the competition, SDAR Symphonic Band played a repertoire by Franco Cesarini, 'Bulgarian Dances Op. 35'. I would say the 'Bulgarian Dances' is harder than Disney Festival with the time signature of 7/8, 5/11, but the luck wasn't SDAR's. On top of that, Syahmi Izzat,who was expected to be the best conductor also lost to TKC's conductor, Hamizah.


I was touched that, when i read my sensei's blog about how sad was the fivers, tears drop down my cheek. How sincere the fivers are. They really wanted to win to let the juniors feel the feeling of a winner. To fulfil the dream of the exboy whose been waiting to win the trophy so badly years after years. How they really wanted to win to make he school proud of them and be visible to eyes of the school admin and wanted to be respected in school.

before the show starts

All i can say to the juniors, if you guys are reading this, be strong. We can prove that SDAR Symphonic Band will win the trophy once upon a time. I promise that you guys will do your best and keep up he good work so that we will be the winner next year. Once we fail, we will keep on trying and that's what SDARians do. This is just the beginning of your journey and to all fivers, work hard in your academic as well and don't forget to come to SDAR once you are exboy.

during the performance
Special thanks to all exboy who came to give the morale support and helped direc
tly or indirectly in term of funds, time consumption and energy in order to give the full support to the band. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, there will be more supporter from exboy and we can establish our exboy band to help them.

on the stage

Last but not least, to our beloved instructor, Raja Muzafar (Abg Raja) for the hard work of teaching the SDAR Symphonic Band and make them in the track again after a drastic defeat last year. You are the hero for the band and all the hard work you've done, there's nothing worth to compare with. You energy, time and money and all whatever you did for the band, we really appreciate it and you'll be the instructor forever. I won't let you go whatever it is, because Kotok and i work really hard to make you teach SDAR.

faris danial playing Chimes

Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a week i had.

wow, last week, i told my friend to check their facebook on saturday,go out on sunday and they'll know on monday. But, too bad that on Sunday night, they did gave me a surprise. I nearly made a cake on my head due to eggs and flour they throw to me.

Well, last Monday was my birthday and it was the first time my birthday with eggs and flour. For the rest of my life even in SDAR, everytime it was my birthday, it was school holiday and my friend don't even have time to surprise like what i had this year.

Even last year, when i was in Shah Alam, my birthday, they were not there, but this year was different and i finally had a joy of eggs and flour. I don't really expected that it could happen because Afiq (Jehan) came to my house and asking for Biochem Record book and i was like, "what the hell with this guy...Amek je la kt rak tu.." But, due to my high sense of bad things, i knew that he wanna break an egg on my head because it was my birthday. I straight away ran away outside as if he's alone, once i reach outside, there were lots of people holding me back from running away. And "pekkkk" there, few of eggs hit my body and flour as well. I screamed as loud as i could like a crazy ass. HAHA.

After all, i finally felt the feeling how to be thrown eggs on my body. It was like hell, but still there's sill people remember my birthday and that's where the part i'm touched.

Anyways, thanks to all of the people that wishes me even though some of them was late, but still, they even wish right? Thanks a lot for making my birthday a happy moment and don't forget to bring presentS next time ok!

A special thanks to my housemates that they even made delicious foods and superb cheese cake that was definitely thoughtful. Thanks a lot.

*hugs and kisses*

Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Birthday to My Dad
it's 12th June.
and also Happy Father's Day~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009


last tuesday,
when i was in the lab,
i received a phone call from my brother telling me that my Tok Mak had return to meet Allah.
i was in shock and i couldn't control more and straight away i cried.
Luckily i was able to meet arwah before she's gone.
looking back at the photo reminds me of everything that she'd done to me.
i'm sad that she's gone and i was not there to kiss her for the last time.
May her body rest in peace and placed among the soleh and solehah.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

hectic week.

oh dear.
Just came back from Malaysia, and i thought it would be great, but it's actually tiring.
Move out from old place to a new place would be very tiring. Now, my housemate and i will be going out places to find electrical appliances for our new house and it cost alot of money anyways.
A night when we arrive the new house it was like a ship rack. The next day we clean it up and tidy it up till it looks superb.

Now,there's just minor thing to be done at home and next week i can concentrate on study and other thing. HEHE =) Pictures of new house will be out when the house is done.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hols is finally over.

the holidays are finally over.
I hate going back to India.
I hate to face auto drivers.
I hate to eat indian food.
I hate to wake up early for class.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Week

i was in SDAR for a few days to pay a visit for the band juniors. Well, of course i'm excited. After a great thursday and friday i had and a sleepover at Kotok's. On saturday, i arrived in SDAR and too bad that i didn't have the chance to meet all the teachers because they were busy with Shabery Cheek was coming and all. Went out with Hazwan,Iqbal,Daniel and Baloo to Jusco for movie. Came back to SDAR and watched the juniors  practise.

Ouh G, you know what, i actually love when they were practising. They played several repertoire such as Ocean Ridge Rhapsody, Golden Festival Overture, Rangkaian Lagu Melayu and Bulgarian Dances even though some of it they plyed just for tuning. That's all reminds me about 2006. TKC played Ocean Ridge Rhapsody that year. They've improved a lots and really hope they can make it this year. 

Meeting with adeks. Ouh sweet. At least they still remember me and so do i. Having a tiny conversation about they life in SDAR, what's up being seniors and all. I've been missing them like a year and Faiq grow taller that me now. Izzat being a dedicated prefect.

Nights with Muiz,Ma'min, Payat, Azrul, Adli, Muaz, Akram and all banders was a happy moment. Too bad that Raja wasn;t there, if he were there,it must be a lot of fun together like Percutian Kak Zah. Hopefully before i fly back to India, i would be able to catch up with Raja. Been missing him like ages. 

Hopefully i'll be able to meet them again after this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is that brain?

ok, this is so boring, so i post an entry about a brain. 
I have a brain. Do you?
I know lots of people (except for medical student,of course) don't really have the guts touch a brain and touch it with bare hands. Learning medicine is interesting with that actually. Telling people that i touch the cadaver with my bare hand and people will react..


"mcm mane makan,x geli ke?"

"beraninye awak."

ok, here's he anwsers for all the reactions.

1. a cadaver and sh*t, which one grost?
2. Wih my hand and of corse i washed it for God sake.
3. And yes,i have to be brave anyways,ryte?

What is it feels to have a brain in your hand?
It's wow, and wow. You actually can touch the gyri and sulci on it. Covered by the meningeal layer. See the arteries and veins. Saggital section, you'll see ventricles, and many other tiny things. 
Inferior veiw of brain

the temporal lobe and Slyvian sulcus

corpus callosum

brain covered by meninges.

removing the brain.

So,do you have the guts now?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Happy Returns 2

Today,t's already tuesday which means my vacation left about a few days..31st of May i'll be back to India and have to study really hard to face the 3rd Internal Exam. 

I felt that i don't have enough rest and vacation. I wanted to have longer vacation so that i can spend my time with family and friends more. Last week, i went to KL and Seremban to visit my friend and a short tour to SDAR,my alma mater. How i wish i could turn back time. I miss all the reminiscent of SDAR that i've felt before.

I meet my junior who are now grow older and even taller than me. The classes were beautiful and clean. The band were improving a lot. Faiq and Izzat were different. Izzat who are passion in archery now have stop playing it due to focus in study since he's now form 5. As for Faiq, he's a prefect and most probably will be the Head Boy next year,InsyaAllah.

The Teachers too, there are many of the teachers i rarely know,because most of them are new teachers. Mr Yazid now is the Head of Department of Maths and Science. Sensei Mariana is the Library Co-ordinator. Madam Zainah now teaching what she's expert about,accountacy.

SDAR now are lots different and wish that difference will bring many happy returns to SDAR in term of academic and co-curricular. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

a week in malaysia

ok,there's another 1 week to go and now i'm in KL for shopping and meeting some friends..ouh,time fly faster than i thought. Anyways, today Iqbal's mum made a homemade nasi lemak which was sooooo delicious,seriuosly,no doubt. 

We watched a midnite movie Angel & Demon at Pavillion. Thanks to Kotok who was the mastermind behind this. 

Kotok ------> "uols,nk tgk midnite movie x? Angel & Demon?"
Nizar ------> "Voley for 4 of us!"

It was superb and seriously it's a must to watch. I rated it 5 star. The movie ended at 2.56am something if not mistaken. Then Kotok dragged us to a mamak for a late supper and the crap talks begins. From the movie review to some old time memoirs. It was awesome tonight. 

Tomorrow is another day and next venue will be at Kotok's place. Planning to go uptown for dinner,but we'll see. As for me and Iqbal, i'll accompany him to renew his simcard then we'll headed to Midvalley maybe. Or we'll be at Low Yat for and interesting stuff.

Ouh,it feels good to be in Malaysia and how i wish what's here to be in Bangalore. Looking forward for the day after tomorrow and next week as Small Reunion of SDARA TT 0206.
hehe =)

*hails to holidays*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally i'm breathing Malaysia's air which is not so good but at least better than in India..
Alhamdulillah having a save landing on 16th May 2009 and i'm feeling good about it. 

1. Malaysian Food Fest
2. Road Tour to Seremban and KL
3. Book Fest. (Head and Neck etc.)
4. Sleep in the Air Condition which i miss alot.
5. Shopping Spree

Let's have fun people and be ready with excess baggage ok~
heheheh =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Everyday is a Mother's Day 2

this article i borrowed it from one auntie thru her blog. I post because i think this article touches my heart. First week of May is the Mother's Day..but i shall put everyday is a Mother's Day. I f you read this mum, i want you to know that my love for you is eternally and i know sometime i take you as granted and i'm sorry for that. happy Mother's Day Mum!

Orang kata aku lahir dari perut mak

bukan org kata...memang betul

Bila dahaga, yang susukan aku....mak

Bila lapar, yang suapkan aku....mak

Bila keseorangan, yang sentiasa di sampingku.. ..mak

Kata mak, perkataan pertama yang aku sebut....Mak

Bila bangun tidur, aku cari....mak

Bila nangis, orang pertama yang datang ....mak

Bila nak bermanja, aku dekati....mak

Bila nak bergesel, aku duduk sebelah....mak

Bila sedih, yang boleh memujukku hanya....mak

Bila nakal, yang memarahi aku....mak

Bila merajuk, yang memujukku cuma...mak

Bila melakukan kesalahan, yang paling cepat marah....mak

Bila takut, yang tenangkan aku....mak

Bila nak peluk, yang aku suka peluk....mak

Aku selalu teringatkan ....mak

Bila sedih, aku mesti talipon....mak

Bila seronok, orang pertama aku nak beritahu.....mak

Bila bengang.. aku suka luah pada..mak

Bila takut, aku selalu panggil... mmaaakkkk!

Bila sakit, orang paling risau adalah....mak

Bila nak exam, orang paling sibuk juga....mak

Bila buat hal, yang marah aku dulu....mak

Bila ada masalah, yang paling risau....mak

Yang masih peluk dan cium aku sampai hari ni..mak

Yang selalu masak makanan kegemaranku....mak

kalau balik ke kampung, yang selalu bekalkan ulam & laukpauk.....mak

Yang selalu simpan dan kemaskan barang-barang aku....mak

Yang selalu berleter kat aku...mak

Yang selalu puji aku....mak

Yang selalu nasihat aku....mak

Bila nak kahwin..Orang pertama aku tunjuk dan rujuk.....mak

Aku ada pasangan hidup sendiri....

Bila seronok, aku cari.......pasanganku

Bila sedih, aku cari......mak

Bila berjaya, aku ceritakan pada....pasanganku

Bila gagal, aku ceritakan pada....mak

Bila bahagia, aku peluk erat....pasanganku

Bila berduka, aku peluk erat....emakku

Bila nak bercuti, aku bawa....pasanganku

Bila sibuk, aku hantar anak ke rumah.....mak

Bila sambut valentine... Aku bagi hadiah pada pasanganku

Bila sambut hari ibu...aku cuma dapat ucapkan "Selamat Hari Ibu"

Selalu.. aku ingat pasanganku

Selalu.. mak ingat kat aku

Bila-bila... aku akan talipon pasanganku

Entah bila... aku nak talipon mak

Selalu....aku belikan hadiah untuk pasanganku

Entah bila... aku nak belikan hadiah untuk emak

Renungkan:Kalau kau sudah habis belajar dan berkerja...bolehkah kau kirim wang untuk mak?mak bukan nak banyak... lima puluh ringgit sebulan pun cukuplah"...Berderai air mata jika kita mendengarnya........Tapi kalau mak sudah tiada.....MAKKKKK...RINDU MAK..... RINDU SANGAT....

Berapa ramai yang sanggup menyuapkan ibunya....

berapa ramai yang sanggup mencuci muntah ibunya.....

berapa ramai yang sanggup mengantikan lampin ibunya......

berapa ramai yang sanggup membersihkan najis ibunya.......

berapa ramai yang sanggup membuang ulat dan membersihkan luka kudis ibunya....

berapa ramai yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga ibunya.....dan akhir sekali berapa ramai yang sembahyang JENAZAH ibunya......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everyday is a Mother's Day

Everyday is a Mother's Day.

I opened a link thru my teacher's blog, and it's about a boy named Fikri jaafar who lost his Mum and a sister in a car accident near LRT Jelatek last 2nd of May. This news touches my heart and made me realized that i always put my mum on granted. When i have chance to be with my mum i never realized that. Not that i don't love my mum, but, it's how i treated her. Now, i would say Alhamdulillah that i still have a mum and i love her so much. I love my family and i would die to protect my family. Here's a video i received a link from my friend thru facebook and i would like to dedicate this to my beloved mum and all mom all over the world. I LOVE YOU MUM.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Sometimes we cannot please every poeple like many use to say. I do, sometime used to please a lot of people and in the end what do i get? i'm not pleased. There's a fact that i like to share about myself, i freaking hate liars. It's my nature and i like it that way. I bet lots of people hate liars right? So do me and i don't think it is a so-called-diva-attitude. I also do believe that sometimes, SOMETIMES, i do have diva-attitude and it happens when it comes to the certain people. Not all, but whoever happened to be the victim of it, i'm sorry cause it's hard to change that and it's my nature and i learn it from the best. (thanks to Kotok and Raja for that!) 

People talk back about me? I don't even bother. So what? I can't just go near them and shut their mouth. BUT, if they tell lies and i heard it, OMFG. You are wrong. You're messing up with me actually. If people talk something which is not true about you, of course you guys will be abso-fucking-lutely mad right? I have my limitation, but when its lies spreading about me?! It's personal ok! Like someone ask other people about yourself. It's personal and you just don't have the rights to ask other people about someone else. Likewise spreading something lies, and that what exactly 'someone' did to me! Btw, 'someone', who could believe you more? People knew you and they did they maths on you. So, i don't have to worry after what you did, people might not believe you except some of your so-called-closed friends.

It may sounds like i'm a 'queen' or something, cause only people try to please me, but hey, i do pleased people too! But, maybe the fact that i'm at least behaved better that you that it looks like i'm the one dominant. Sorry for that too, i can't help it! History tells everything. Learn from the history and hold back all your grudge 'someone' cause it might affect you back someday! 

Keep your friend close but keep your enemy closer! Ok, i'm gone to far already. That's all folk. Watch out for 'someone' people, it might haunt you one day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

student : alumni

I was in school last 3 years and sometime now, i felt i want to go back to school. I studied in Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Seremban (SDAR). During my school life, my life wasn't too hell and wasn't to heaven. I'm a very average student who broke few school rules and mostly obey to the rule, at least i try. When i was in school, from year to year i waited and monologued myself, when i'm going end this school, i really wish i could get out of the school as soon as possible. But, when i'm no longer a student in SDAR, i really miss those time in SDAR and my life as school student. Sometimes, when we were at school, we never appreciate those precious time in school where we do lots of thing that we really love and having perfect teachers to teach us and condusive accomodation to study. 

Memories in SDAR with my friends were most precious moment in my schooling phase. To be honest, i really miss that. Now, after 3 year being apart from school and my Zerodeuxsixs, i kinda missed them. I still remember during 12 January 2002 when we all registered in SDAR with the total of 153 and the number decreases from month to month until the end of 2004 only 137 were survived. A  huge number we lost but i still missed them the 'huge number'. I still know them and contacted them. 2005 was the new book in SDAR cause we were senior as in form 4, plus knowing SDAR's seniority was almost gone. We got new members of Zerodeuxsix which supposedly 16 were registered but only 8 and that number only few were survived. We were
 happy but unfortunately bad things happened and we lost 4 precious member of Zerodeuxsix. Kepong Amirul, Bachok and one more i can't remember (sorry for that). 2006 was the final year and we were really struggling to help each other and due to the love of each other to prove that we were not the batch that spoiled SDAR as administration's point of view. Admin see us with negative impression that our batch were bad enough to be in SDAR and we prove them wrong. We were strong enough to be among the top.

Victories of Zerodeuxsix that i'm proud of were, we were the Top School in PMR 2004. We, at least maintained the result of SPM not to have lots of failure even though we have but the person wasn't really in the school after all. We at least give a mark in the teachers' heart so that they'll felt loved and be cared off. We make perfect bondings with hte teachers, staff and all the population of SDAR. I dare to tell you that i know that most of the teachers missed those time when we were there. Still remeber the tulip for the teachers day, even though Malaysia has no tulip, but we did that for the teachers. Red and black themed Teachers' Day 2006. If that affect the teachers, it surely affect the student as well especially Zerodeuxsix who were in the final year in SDAR that time.

Now, i'm and EX-STUDENT of SDAR and i'm willing to help anything i could do to be at least part of the school. To helpt the teachers once were taugh
t us and without them i'm not going to be who i am now. So do others. Thanks to the teachers and let's together as alumni,we preserve the perfection of SDAR.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congratulation to SDAR Wind and Thanks to Kak Lin


feel good
for my junior for making thru the preliminary round and made it to the final..Congratulation and I'm happy for you guys....

as for Kak Lin.

thnaks for buying those which makes me really happy
and also for the lunch with those Aunties and Kak Awin..
Seriously it's my luck today that i had a free lunch at Kak Lin's House..
thanks again to Kak Lin,Kak Awin and that friendly and kind Aunties...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tribute to SDAR Symphonic Wind

Festival Wind Orchestra is just around the corner and this year i'm not in Malaysia to join them like previous year. This is sad for be since my batchmates are available to be there for them. So do the juniors will be there too.

I'm here just have to pray hard for them and wishing them good luck. May the happy returns to SDAR. SDAR Wind Orchestra was once among the best SBP Wind Orchestra teams. LAst year was a bad year that SDAR wasn't in the top 5 finalists, but i believe this year under instruction of Raja Muzafar and helped by Alumnis and teachers, SDAR Wind Orchestra will be among the top school back and they'll make it thru the final.

This year they are new and fresh players and played 2 repertoire by Franco Cesarini and Suhaimi Yaacub. I believe the combination of this 2 pieces can bring them strength and build up there confident to go through it. Provided that many Alumnis will be joining them giving the morale support to them and hoping the best for them.

This year was different from previous year because this year, Kotok 98'2 managed to gather as many alumni as he could to join them helping out the band to makesure our victory will be back and tremendous achievement will be brought back to SDAR. I wish them all the best and i'll pray hard for them to be in the final and managed to get place later on. May Allah bless SDAR Symphonic Band.

All the best and good luck to all of SC.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comme je m'inquiète ?

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens aiment trouver des problèmes avec moi. Est-ce que je suis trop aimable avec eux de sorte qu'ils puissent rattraper comme je suis leurs animaux familiers foutus ? Numéro. Juste ainsi vous connaissez des personnes, je suis le type le plus tolérant jamais mais parfois je peux être le plus mauvais. Ainsi n'essayez pas jamais de salir avec moi la cause que je rendrai votre vie foutue malheureuse beaucoup. Vous n'allez pas toujours simplement dire des mensonges comme si je t'ai donné une source de vous pas vraiment invité ou ce qui tellement jamais. Je déteste les personnes qui réellement utilisant mon nom et elle tournent vers le haut, non vraies. Vous savez quel ' bitch'  , vous êtes juste mon cent 50 et ne m'affectez pas du tout. Ayez besoin toujours de l'aide de moi organiser un fichu déjeuner dans l'intéret de Dieu. Vous n'avez pas au moins une peu de dignité et n'osez pas venu à moi et ne demandez pas mon aide après ce que vous avez fait. C'est une honte sur vous et je ne me sens pas comme aider plus. Je ne dirais pas que désolé pour cela quoique je vous aie dit que j'aiderai avant que mais je change d'avis maintenant. cassez-vous ainsi.

私は人々が私との問題をなぜ見つけるのを好むか理解しない。 私がとてもペットであるようにそれらができるように私は追い抜くにはそれらに余りにも親切であるか。 NO. ちょうどそう人々を知っている、私は最も耐久性がある人であるしかし時々私は最も悪くていい。 従って私と私があなたのとても生命を悲惨に非常にさせる原因を台なしにすることを試みてはいけない。 私が実際に誘われなかったあなたの源を与えたまたは何そうようにうそを言うことを単に行かない。 私は実際に私の名前およびそれを使用して出て来る本当人々を、憎む。 どんな'か知っている; bitch' 、ちょうど私の50セント、私に全然影響を与えない。 まだ私からの助けが神の為のためのいまいましい昼食を組織することを必要としなさい。 求めないためにしたことをの後で少なくとも少し威厳を持たないし、私に来られて敢えてしないし、ためにそして私の助けを。 それはあなたの恥であり、私はもう助けようという気がしない。 私は私が私が私の心を今変えるが、前に私が助ける言ったのにそれことをのために残念ことを言わない。 そう出ていきなさい。

Friday, April 10, 2009


i don't understand why.....
ok it's not about trend in IMS but the whole world, maybe.
u see...people lately into SLR cameras and whatever goes with it and the most common photo they took is 

and this,

and this again.

i wonder why they do this.

P/S: Sorry to use your photo Tengku Abul,Luqman Hakim and Cempaka. But u guys are the best example.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who's Pinocchio?

HAHA. Interesting.
People must be talking bout this blog lately ryte?
Why don't we all STOP TALKING about it, plus what he/she wrote wasn't pleasant at all, i guess. So, let's IGNORE IT.

Ok fine, i think what the person wrote, some of it make sense, but doesn't have to be that way. At least be a bit polite instead of being sarcastic, which most of us here hate it. I hate sarcasm, sorry but what can i do, it's nature.

The more we talk, the more he/she wrote. And i think people who did this must badly want to be famous of people talking bout this. He/She must be happy when this blog is being exposed and being a topic of a day. I bet Monday's dissection hall will be no ABSENTEEs as people grasping to know who is PINOCCHIO. Welcome Monday!

So, why don't we stop talking and pretend like he/she is nobody and just wait and see he/she reveal him/her self afterhe/she gets tired and boring when people is not talking about the blog anymore. SSSHHHHH................................

P/S: I'm not afraid to be the subject in his blog because i don't give a damn. But, doesn't mean i don't read. Just wait and see..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rs 30 or Rs 15

2nd April 2009.
As usual in the morning i'll go to college by auto with my housemate.
so do when we return but not everyday we went back home by auto and they usually charge us about Rs 30 or a lil' cheaper Rs 20 and if there's a "stupid" auto driver they'll use meter. If using metre, starting was Rs14 and the metre hardly increase, if it's increase, the increment will be ONLY Rs 1 or Rs 2. So the total will be Rs 15/Rs 16.

Rs 30 > Rs 20 > Rs 15

I repeat that, i always use the auto with my housemate,  but sometime when i ride it alone also they'll charge me with that price. Rs 30 charge, riding alone actually kinda expensive. but surprisingly today, i got it for Rs 15. Alone and i'm actually proud of it because i don't exactly know why. The truth is, i'm kinda envy with seniors leaving in Divya cause they always get low prices compared to us (me) who always got high prices as in that ranges above. 

High prices actually make me hate auto drives actually. HEHE. It's true. I still remember the first day when we use the auto to college, they charge us Rs 50 for God sake. It's Rs 50 people. FYI, Rs 50 can bring us to CS or MG Rd instead of just college. Conclusion is, I HATE AUTO but unfortunately if there's no auto how i'm supposed to go to college. =(

Auto oh Auto..............


This short yet meaningful (hopefully) post i would like to tribute it to my dear friend who just recovered from a 'disease'. Her name is Nur Hanisah Bt Mohd Kani. She was supposed to be here with us in Bangalore but due to her health condotion her parents decides to keep her at home so that she will fully recover. Now, she's fine but her mother thinks that it's the best for her not to be in Bangalore and maybe she'll be persuing Medical in local university. All i wish is, she'll get even better and she'll succeed one day as a doctor. 

She's the one in White shirt.
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