Friday, November 20, 2009



Its almost december already and my posting to Mahaveer Jain hospital will be started on the 1st of December 2009 and that's the good news announced by Dr. Pandit. On the other hand, there's also bad news which is there will be NO HOLIDAY for us this fine winter. I other words, our winter break are cancelled due t some circumstances that we need to catch up with the other classes.

In addition, in that hospital also, we are strictly cannot bring any non-veg food even egg, which they all are strict vegan. *sigh*

But, anyways, i'm still happy, but pity some of my friends, some of them already booked their tickets going back to Malaysia and some of them are going to Agra, Goa and many other places. Lucky me that i don't have any plan to go any vacation.

Finally, i'm looking forward for the posting and our clinical classes are also almost finished. Hopefully we also have the opportunity to enter the OT like Sindhi Hospital students. =)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeay!! Jain here i come!

Finally, posting will be started in December most probably. Dr.Pandit annouce it just now in class that we all are going to a new hospital Mahaveer Jain Hospital for clinical. Clinical theory classes also had started today with surgery.

It will alternately change for surgery and medicine. This is also due to left out for about 1 month, so there's lots to catch up with the remaining batches. So, make it work.

I'm so looking forward for the clinical posting. =)

wish me luck!


Friday, November 6, 2009

tonnes of work.

well, my class has officially started and guess what. it's been almost a month of lecture and work that I've missed. So, now, i'm back in track and lots of work to be done and lots of topic to be read.

There are 5 subject taken but i would say 4 since i don't even know how and what they are teaching in Community Medicine. 17th November will be the first Pathology test on Anemia and 1st of December will be the first Pathology tutorials.

On 19th onwards the posting to hospital will be official. Still don't know where exactly i'm gonna be. Heard that there will be 2 different hopsital from Dr. Sudha which are St. Teresa and Mahaveer Jain Hospital [this is not sure,they said jain,so i assume Mahaveer Jain] .

Ok, the point is, there are tonnes of work to be done. So, better get my lazy butt working or else it's going to be a mess AGAIN later, if you know what i mean.

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