Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pity this baby : aborted

Day : Wednesday
Date : 26 Nov 2008
Venue : Dissection Hall
Subject : Aborted Foetus.

At the moment i entered the Dissection Hall it was calm. Nothing happens. Suddenly there was a crowd at one of the corner of the dissection hall. I was wondering and refuse to go and see what happens at first. But, it looks interesting and when i saw that tiny 'thing'. I was like MasyaAllah.
It was a aborted foetus. The fotus was aborted due to the defect of the body structure. Unlike other unborn foetus, at the stage of 4 month, the structure of body suppose to look like almost perfect,but that poor foetus has no skull cap, thus it's brain was growing out of the head. The purpose of the foetus was there is because of it need to be preserved in our museum. Dr. Kulkani was the one who handle the preservation method and showed it in front of the student crowd. I t was intereting. Here i have some photos.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

a dedication to my family

hello guys,
this sounds odd but i think it's the right thing to do to relief my homesickenss.


I believe that family is a single piece that holds the puzzle of life together and i have to clarify that what constitutes the family is more than blood related. i live in a small family of 5. The 5 is more than perfect for me. I've been in India now for 1 and half months now and started to feel that i'm away far from the other 4. From the previous post i've mention that i missed them that are,a mother and father of 3 Mohd,Shakir and Shazuan. I'm not good to tell this on phone so i spill it out here in this blog.

to mum and dad.
how can i tell this. It's shamefull to tell here, but feeling can't hide. Yesterday i was in a bad mood and one of the reason was because i miss both of so much. I just don't know why this feelings keep haunting me but that was i felt. I miss those times you yelled at me for not doing the right thing. I missed all the food that you cook for me. I missed the time that you asked me what to eat when i came back from Shah Alam so that dad can go and prepare the thing. i missed the time you asked me a lot of favor to clean the house and tidy up your room. I missed those tme you asked me to dressed you up before leaving on special occasion. i missed the time when i
 'merajuk' with you and dad for not buying the thing that i want.i missed the time when you both are worried that i went back with shakir late at night. i missed being beside mum and dad everyday so that i could see mum's and dad's bright shiny face that cheers me up everyday since i was born till now.Mum and dad i still need you blessing and support till forever even though that i'm all the way far in India. i love mum and dad so much. I felt so lucky to have you while some of there have no mum or dad.

to the two Mohd.
yeah have to admit that you two are my brother and i love you guys so much even though we've been thru a lot of not-knowing-reason of fighting. it hard to believe that i finally hit the roof of my homesickness and finally have to admit that how important you guys in my life. as for both of you i missed the time that we all used to fight cause of a lot of reason. Sometime wan and me against shakir. me and akir against wan. those fight haunting my mind and make me feel so far away from u guys. Just so you both know, i actually missed you both so much and afterall you guys are my brothers. I missed the time that i drove shakir's car. i missed the time i drove and wan scolded me for not being careful. i missed the time i beg shakir for letting me drive his car. i missed the time shazuan asked my to treat him. i missed the time where we used to fight bout tees.i missed you both that we could have a real great time living together as brothers.

i just wanted to tell that i missed you guys sooooooo much and trying my best here to study as my exam is almost near. i missed you all and i LOVE you all so much.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wish A "Wake Up Call"

people say,
time flies,but i wish i could stop the time.
but i wish i could.
looking around.
its almost significantly i've been here in the oversea for about a month now.
Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry.
plus Community Medicine.

most of the day were hectic and tiring.
its medic life as i expected.
its true that dissecting is cool.
its fun to dissect while mostly other medical student in other country dont even have this chance.
the more we see during dissection,the morewe need to absorb.
i wish i could be like Sponge Bob that i could absorb whatever i read, hear and see.
once again. I WISH.

now its in the end of november and december is waiting to shine its sunlight.
knowing that by 15-19th of December our first Internal Assesment will be held.
i wish i could turn the time so that i could revise all those taught in the lecture hall been absorbed easily. All i need now it a motivation and a wake up call. Senior once told us that its important to score the First IA,so that we'll be ease during the final far that i could belive this? I HAVE TO BELIEVE.

do i still have time?
YES. during this kind of situation, i still have time.So SYAFIQ DON'T GIVE UP!
utilize your time properly and you'll make through it. i hope so.
plus in the same time there's been lots of going on here. Everyday, every minutes people are talking. i wish i can stop but i can't but i have to try.
people called me by "named" but do i care? HELL NO!
remember it's one of many obstacles you need to go thru Syafiq!

and finally...

i miss my family,mum,dad,wan,akir
i miss my home
i miss my bed
i miss my quarel with my brothers
i miss my nephews and nieces
i miss my best friends
i miss my zerodeuxsix
i miss malaysia..............

even though they all are now here but i know they all will always be in my heart and support me from there. it's the wake up call and i'm here to be a doctor. so be one!

Bonne Chance.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


describe white.


party in white.isn't that cool people.
last saturday night was held a white party of Arif Jo's Birthday.
it's a good idea that he came up with that theme so that people will look all in white.
the party was great.

lots of crowd.
me and my housemates were all ready for the party and hit the crowd.
people were having fun and that night was awesome.
thanks Arif for the party.

kak sha,me

Sunday, November 16, 2008


last week on wednesday.

as usual we all rushed to the dissection hall for the dissection session.
the mood was there but still doing the same part.

start wearing gloves and hold the dissection kit.
blunt forcep.
then came Madam Rai explaining the day before explaination.
she started to cut our cadaver's muscle and stuff.

motive : to show us the tendon and attachment of the hip bone and the femur.
finally found it.

turn the cadaver's body back.
motive : to see the acticulation of the hip bone and femur posteriorly.
she cut the quadratus femoris to show us the capsule of the hip joint.

she ask us to identify the appearance there and she moved to other table.

we started to do for the other leg.
then came Dr. Rao

explaining bout the hip joint and ask us to detached the femur and the hip bone.
he asked me to cut off the capsule and the synovial fluid was released. it's a wow.

action : immediately stop and wash my hand!

continued by ain.
it's thick.
the capsule.
finally the capsule was opened and detached.
what we found was.........

its a fake head of femur.
it alloy.

result : i think this is the coolest dissection ever. we found a cadaver that have an alloy head of femur.


i was covered by Haseena =(
hehe =D
a 500 years tree
in front of Rose Garden
in front of Louis Vuitton Boutique,UB City
hehe =)
its not for real ok!
me n syaza in Lanvin
auto of 5 people
walking together
main gate of Lalbagh
b4 leaving for Lalbagh

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taste of Fashion

I was inspired by my two seniors in SDAR that are Kotok and Jenglotte.

Fashion, I shall describe it as trendy and stylish.

One’s have said, in fashion, one day you are in and the next day, you are out. I agree but do remember folks, fashion do come and go but style is forever.

Let’s relate this to my experience. Last weekend I went for a picnic to a Garden named Lalbagh. It was super duper nice. The place was great. Kak Sha, Nisa, Fairuz, Haseena, Imah, Mimi,

 Syaza and I were there. Kak Sha cooked us Nasi Ayam and its delicious. Thanks Kak Sha! Then we gave a tour on ourself there and went to some places that we found it’s nice. Some of it were the Rose Garden, The Animal Tree Park, And the 500 years tree. Actually there’s a lot of places we didn’t go like Glass House, and Rock Hill.

Next destination was Brigade Road. It first we just went there to window but Haseena drag me, Mimi and Syaza to Levi’s Square cause she wanted to get some jeans there. In the Levi’s store we all bought something. I got a shirt and a mafla so that we all gonna be ‘Boria” on Monday. Kinda love it actually that we bought the same mafla and wear it on the same day. Next pit stop was Istore in M.G Raod. It’s Seena again she wanna get her Ipod charger. There, I have a second thought of buying an Ipod Touch/ iphone. Gosh, Seriously it’s tempting, but luckily I can still control it. One day I’ll get it!!! Straight away after that we took auto to UB City.

UB City….

Describe it..

-         European

-         Huge

-         Heaven

-         Starhill Gallery.

-         Pavillion

 People, I dare to tell you guys that I look down toBangalore at first, but not anymore.

When we reached UB City, I felt like I’m in a heaven of fashion. Believe it or not, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Moshino, Lanvin, Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, Burberry.

Folk, read Vogue! Then you’ll be familiar with all these. Bangalore can still improve it.

Till here then,  



p/s: Next post will be photo of picnic and UB City.

Friday, November 7, 2008


When we all meet, there's only one thing might happen. It's 'talking'.

Since we arrived here,we've never gather and do this thing unlike in Malaysia.
Usually, if back in Malaysia, we use to gather and share our thoughts after class or during lunch break.

It's different in India. Canceled class is barely available. When the Comm. Med was canceled just now, we decided to sit and 'talk' at Barista and we also have new members.

Me,Nisa,Kak Sha,Imah,Mimi,Seena,Syaza,Fairuz,Hazimah and Effa.

from 2.30 to 4.30pm
10 chapters were done!

I suggest we should continue this oftenly.
Just wait and see.
Watch and learn bitches!!!

*here, some pics available*

Thursday, November 6, 2008


3th Nov 2008..

Me: mimi..mimi, syaza's birthday is a day after tomorrow..what should we do?!

Mimi : i don't know..we'll discuss in class tomorrow

4th Nov 2008..

Me : what should we do?

Seena : well,we are going to BEL Road,u follow us and u take back the cake..ok??

Me : sounds ok to me!

5th Nov 2008..

Seena : where are u??

Me : i'm on my the bus!!

Seena : ok2..we'll go to the cafe first,then only we'll go to the old library..

Me : okie dokie

i waited there with Nisa and Kak patience.
hehe =)

then come Seena,Mimi and Syaza..

Seena : makan la kt dalam old library fountain some more..


There, a surprise small birthday celebration to Syaza.. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

books are like novels

have you ever heard proverbs
'reading a book is like reading a novel'

i think its NOT true.
reading anatomy for me is messing up my mind.
reading biochemistry is giving me bad headache
reading physiology makes me wanna vomit!

though i like reading novels,but books are different.
wonder whoever create that proverbs must really hate me.

so, dear God, please help me.
need to read Anat,Biochem and Physio.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey Upper Eastsiders!

Gossip Boy here,
one thing that people might know is gossip up-to-date.
from head to toe,people is talking.
what happened?
why it happen?
who were invloved?

but one thing for sure.
from who?
was it gossip boys?
or who could it be?

seems like someone would like to declare a war.
i thought the white flags are waving.
or i misunderstood the statement.

so, truce or consequences.

you know you love me,
Gossip Boy.

i'm currently into Gossip Girl Season 2.


the thought that count

in friendship,is there such thing like friends left out?
year after year i've been gone thru lots of people.
year after year i've met new people.
year after year i've made lots of friends.

3 years of kindergarten, 6 years of elementary school, 5 years of high school, and 1 year of foundation year.

most of 'em i still contact and know them.
but do they know me as i know them?
do they treat me like i treat them?

i have no answer for that.
i dont know what they felt about me.
i dont know what they think about me.

i have plenty of good friends in High School.
they'll are good to me.
they appreciate as who i am now.
they care bout me in what ever i do.
they support me no matter what happen.
they call me to chat with me.

in foundation year,i've met new friends even though i came in late.
at first, it was all alone. i requested to be the same housemate as my friend in sdar and i get it.
i know no one except him.
then, i made friends with others.

am i bad enough as ur friend?
am i cruel enough as ur friend?
am i treating u guys badly?

again,the answer lies among u guys!

i dont know,i think i've been a good friend to all of 'em.
but do i get the same thing as what i gave them?

is it that i don't have feeling so that i can be treated like that.
people have feelings. why u dont care bout my feelings when u did that to me?

stop reasoning!
when i knew i wasnt invited,i took it positively.
but come to think about it, i dont think it was a positive part.
its more to negative part.

yeah,i admit that
i'm noisy,
i'm overacting,
i'm sometimes make people not comfortable.

but do i deserve this?!
i dont think that i deserve!

what would u do if u're in my place?!
would u feel the same way?
felt like humiliated.
felt like unappreciated.
felt lonely.

come to think about it again,seriously it affected me the most.
i felt like i didnt fit with u guys.
u know why?
i joined u guys late.
i felt like i was left out.

u have a person u close to and u share everything u have when u sad,happy and discontented with him.
that particular friend didnt invite u at all.
what would u feel?

stop reasoning.
i've heard what i wanted to hear.
i've accepted all the apologies.
but it takes time to heal what i feel.

the wound that has been made is quite severe.
skin wound might be easy to cure but heart is different.
it may continue to bleed.

thanks to all whoever i meant.
i do appreciate u guys as what u are.

totte mo arigato gozaimasu for making all my life in Mais a cherry blossom.
and thanks a lot for accepting me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

India, a City of Spice Part II

before heading to college
kereta Tata
deretan auto..
mayat in formalin
Brigade Road at night + Diwali Season
levi's Square : Brigade Road
near the commisioner office
centre of artificial inteligence and robotic
arrived at Bengaluru International Airport
Reebok,Dockers,Puma : Brigade Road

adidas in Brigade Road
monumen in MS Ramaiah College
Dissection Hall
traffic jam in india
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