Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey Upper Eastsiders!

Gossip Boy here,
one thing that people might know is gossip up-to-date.
from head to toe,people is talking.
what happened?
why it happen?
who were invloved?

but one thing for sure.
from who?
was it gossip boys?
or who could it be?

seems like someone would like to declare a war.
i thought the white flags are waving.
or i misunderstood the statement.

so, truce or consequences.

you know you love me,
Gossip Boy.

i'm currently into Gossip Girl Season 2.



P O P S T A R said...

same here..
blair is sure a hot devil right?

Cold Hearted said...

wei kozaq... i think the white flag is going down soon enough...

when the time comes, count me in :p

hilariouskozac said...

we shall wait and see.

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