Saturday, November 22, 2008

a dedication to my family

hello guys,
this sounds odd but i think it's the right thing to do to relief my homesickenss.


I believe that family is a single piece that holds the puzzle of life together and i have to clarify that what constitutes the family is more than blood related. i live in a small family of 5. The 5 is more than perfect for me. I've been in India now for 1 and half months now and started to feel that i'm away far from the other 4. From the previous post i've mention that i missed them that are,a mother and father of 3 Mohd,Shakir and Shazuan. I'm not good to tell this on phone so i spill it out here in this blog.

to mum and dad.
how can i tell this. It's shamefull to tell here, but feeling can't hide. Yesterday i was in a bad mood and one of the reason was because i miss both of so much. I just don't know why this feelings keep haunting me but that was i felt. I miss those times you yelled at me for not doing the right thing. I missed all the food that you cook for me. I missed the time that you asked me what to eat when i came back from Shah Alam so that dad can go and prepare the thing. i missed the time you asked me a lot of favor to clean the house and tidy up your room. I missed those tme you asked me to dressed you up before leaving on special occasion. i missed the time when i
 'merajuk' with you and dad for not buying the thing that i want.i missed the time when you both are worried that i went back with shakir late at night. i missed being beside mum and dad everyday so that i could see mum's and dad's bright shiny face that cheers me up everyday since i was born till now.Mum and dad i still need you blessing and support till forever even though that i'm all the way far in India. i love mum and dad so much. I felt so lucky to have you while some of there have no mum or dad.

to the two Mohd.
yeah have to admit that you two are my brother and i love you guys so much even though we've been thru a lot of not-knowing-reason of fighting. it hard to believe that i finally hit the roof of my homesickness and finally have to admit that how important you guys in my life. as for both of you i missed the time that we all used to fight cause of a lot of reason. Sometime wan and me against shakir. me and akir against wan. those fight haunting my mind and make me feel so far away from u guys. Just so you both know, i actually missed you both so much and afterall you guys are my brothers. I missed the time that i drove shakir's car. i missed the time i drove and wan scolded me for not being careful. i missed the time i beg shakir for letting me drive his car. i missed the time shazuan asked my to treat him. i missed the time where we used to fight bout tees.i missed you both that we could have a real great time living together as brothers.

i just wanted to tell that i missed you guys sooooooo much and trying my best here to study as my exam is almost near. i missed you all and i LOVE you all so much.


m07e updates said...

salam kotok..

zaid here from M07E kolej mara banting...

nak ko ceritakan serba sikit tentang medic student nye life kat ur universiti...


A Mum Of Three Mohd said...

My God.... I really look big in that photo. I guess.....MUST do something about it. I look awful! Many of your sentences got no VERBS la. But any way... boleh faham la....
Remember no matter where you are, you're always in our mind and heart. Mak and bapak selalu doakan kesejahteraan kamu dan agar kamu sentiasa ingat tanggungjawab. peluang ni tak datang berulang. Sekali je fiq. We just want your dream of being a doctor to come to reality. Its not for us but for YOU. Kami cuma nak kamu hidup senang in future sebab we can't give anything else except education,our love, support, advice and our DOA. Material wise.... sorryla kami orang miskin dan tak boleh jamin masa depan ko dengan wang ringgit sendiri. Gunakan pelajaran yang kami bagi untuk senang dari segi material.
We miss you too sebab tu kalau satu hari kamu tak online gelabah aku fiq

P O P S T A R said...

gosh..i read this with my teary eye.. because sometime after you left..i felt like i havent done something that i usually do.. then i realize that you're not around here anymore.. i love you too my brother!

naboonies said...

Such an emotional post. I'm reading this teary-eyed too! Well it's a norm you feel this way, after years surrounded by family and close friends. But believe me, soon everything will be better for both parties and all the homesickness will fade away, which allows you to enjoy life and be positive!

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