Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taste of Fashion

I was inspired by my two seniors in SDAR that are Kotok and Jenglotte.

Fashion, I shall describe it as trendy and stylish.

One’s have said, in fashion, one day you are in and the next day, you are out. I agree but do remember folks, fashion do come and go but style is forever.

Let’s relate this to my experience. Last weekend I went for a picnic to a Garden named Lalbagh. It was super duper nice. The place was great. Kak Sha, Nisa, Fairuz, Haseena, Imah, Mimi,

 Syaza and I were there. Kak Sha cooked us Nasi Ayam and its delicious. Thanks Kak Sha! Then we gave a tour on ourself there and went to some places that we found it’s nice. Some of it were the Rose Garden, The Animal Tree Park, And the 500 years tree. Actually there’s a lot of places we didn’t go like Glass House, and Rock Hill.

Next destination was Brigade Road. It first we just went there to window but Haseena drag me, Mimi and Syaza to Levi’s Square cause she wanted to get some jeans there. In the Levi’s store we all bought something. I got a shirt and a mafla so that we all gonna be ‘Boria” on Monday. Kinda love it actually that we bought the same mafla and wear it on the same day. Next pit stop was Istore in M.G Raod. It’s Seena again she wanna get her Ipod charger. There, I have a second thought of buying an Ipod Touch/ iphone. Gosh, Seriously it’s tempting, but luckily I can still control it. One day I’ll get it!!! Straight away after that we took auto to UB City.

UB City….

Describe it..

-         European

-         Huge

-         Heaven

-         Starhill Gallery.

-         Pavillion

 People, I dare to tell you guys that I look down toBangalore at first, but not anymore.

When we reached UB City, I felt like I’m in a heaven of fashion. Believe it or not, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Moshino, Lanvin, Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, Burberry.

Folk, read Vogue! Then you’ll be familiar with all these. Bangalore can still improve it.

Till here then,  



p/s: Next post will be photo of picnic and UB City.


naboonies said...

WOw thanks for mentioning me! Terharu sey uols inspired by me n kotok. haha. You should've put a link on my name though! (Promo promo)

hilariouskozac said...


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