Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pity this baby : aborted

Day : Wednesday
Date : 26 Nov 2008
Venue : Dissection Hall
Subject : Aborted Foetus.

At the moment i entered the Dissection Hall it was calm. Nothing happens. Suddenly there was a crowd at one of the corner of the dissection hall. I was wondering and refuse to go and see what happens at first. But, it looks interesting and when i saw that tiny 'thing'. I was like MasyaAllah.
It was a aborted foetus. The fotus was aborted due to the defect of the body structure. Unlike other unborn foetus, at the stage of 4 month, the structure of body suppose to look like almost perfect,but that poor foetus has no skull cap, thus it's brain was growing out of the head. The purpose of the foetus was there is because of it need to be preserved in our museum. Dr. Kulkani was the one who handle the preservation method and showed it in front of the student crowd. I t was intereting. Here i have some photos.


Anonymous said...

until today i still wonder mcm mane lahh kau boleh medic. urhh.

hilariouskozac said...

nape pulak tenuq??

A Mum Of Three Mohd said...

Itulah yang selalu terjadi di over populated country like India. Can understand le ...... satu cara nak kawal population. But it happens everywhere in the world ..... why becoz sikap tak bertanggungjawab dan tidak berperikemanusiaan manusia! Bila jadi doktor nanti jangan bersubahat dengan gejala ini!

fali said...

THAT'S JUST SAD!!!!! tp then again if it were to live, who knows what are the complications kan?

sarah said...

dat is scary.

aUNioNEe said...

ive read a lot bout dis.
tp in india, problems on sex-selective abortion yg plg terok kn.sdeyhhh jeh ):

NiazurulSyazwanSaarani said...

best gle dpat pegang bnda tu..tringin gak la nk pegang..dh xamek medic.

naboonies said...

x ngeri pon. hehe. Cause of abortion? Anencephaly perhaps? I doubt the baby can surivive for long if the pregnancy is continued. well biase la tu, i think the doc must have the reason (indication) not to continue the pregnancy. In Russia there are certain indications to perform abortion. This applies to Malaysia as well.

yes, sex-selective abortion is still widespread especially in countries like India and China. But now the govmt of both countries mmg dh ade initiative to control this problem.

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