Sunday, November 2, 2008

India, a City of Spice Part II

before heading to college
kereta Tata
deretan auto..
mayat in formalin
Brigade Road at night + Diwali Season
levi's Square : Brigade Road
near the commisioner office
centre of artificial inteligence and robotic
arrived at Bengaluru International Airport
Reebok,Dockers,Puma : Brigade Road

adidas in Brigade Road
monumen in MS Ramaiah College
Dissection Hall
traffic jam in india


zera said...

cool pic shafiq..hee..=)

naboonies said...

Hello dearie. It's been a while since I came to your blog.OMG! Bangalore looks abso-fucking-lutely cool! The commercial centre is so alive and colourful at night. Can I kirim from you some fabrics from there? Are they cheap? Goodness it's true that in India medic students get their hands on the cadavers so early on. My first true encounter with an autopsy is in my final year for god's sake! And I can't even touch let alone to cut them open! Lucky you, that's all I'm saying.

fali said...

ehh are those bodies FOR REAL?! eeuuww!!!

hilariouskozac said...

to jeng : yeah.depends,some of fabrics are cheap.some are expensive.btw,yeah i've already dissected a cadaver.

to fali : yes my dear fali~

Anonymous said...

omg,y they letak mayat just like that?that's gross.bkn kita patot ada phormatan kat cadaver gak ke?

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