Thursday, June 12, 2008

hols review

fers of all my hols starts 23rd May 2008 and will soon end.
the first thing i did when i reached home is switch on my laptop and start surfing.

internet - what i search for was OMG,you guys should thank to whoever did the web,it's awesome..i watch lots of movies,dramas n videos. some of 'em were Seputeh Qaseh Ramadhan,Mama,Kerenah Mertuaku,Virgin,Cahaya Hati. next, i update my people's blogs.Friendster,Myspace,Zerodeuxsix,YM,download movies..and many more. not that all, i also made video tribute to SSP Band and SDAR Band..well SDARians and SSPians can seek in youtube labes as 'Miss Saigon Medley' and 'Starflash'. as i'm gonna organize a slumber party this friday i tot to save my money on DVDs, i try to download few new-released-movies like The Nanny Diaries,Prom Night and What Happens in Vegas...guess what it's working and finally its done..cant wait for the slumber party.
party - on 29th may we (the committee of Co-Curricular I) organized a party in KRTU which stands for Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara,Shah Alam..not that all,since zulfiqar's birthday was that week too,so we planned by making a surprise party for him and fotunately it is a surprise. he not even noticed at all...well happy 18th birthday..its on may anyway..i had great tyme with games.,swimming,cakes and party!!

makan angin - haha..nothing much.i went to Teluk Batik with my family since my nephew nk mandi we went there..really had great tyme...but quite hectic cause i need to put my eyes on him (Irfan). God,you guys should aware with childrens like him..he is total freak and can be annoying i tell the car he cant even sit quitely not even 60 secs unless if he's sleeping..

i guess till here then.update later with few other events later. Enjoy all the attached photo that i share.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

deaf or misunderstand the request.

well, i'm back with a question,
'do they follow as what we old 'em to do?'

well what make me turn on to split out this question because it happens to me.not once but many times.first of all,when i ordered teh ais as i told 'em.."bang,nk teh ais kurang ais OR bang,nk teh ais kurang manis.." in return wht do i get?? i still got the same teh ais like he usually still alot OR even if we asked for kurang manis, it would be more manis..see,got what i meant?
next,i when to a mamak barber shop (as desperate u could imagine)..i said.."potong xmau pendek sgt..." in return,when he is done,what do i look? he still cut it short and i'm the who are not satisfied.

this thing keep on makes me wonder why..i dunno, i guess they could be deaf or what? u see,the thing is simple..if in teh ais case,its either u put LESS susu pekat or more teh..let say if i request for less ice..i guess it is much more easier..put LESS ice..that should be simple isn it?

thats it..
i conclude that they are either DEAF or CANNOT UNDERSTAND MALAY..
oppss..sorry if it sound offended,but its true.
make urself a change.


Monday, June 9, 2008

after a long break in blogging.

hye guys.
i'm still learning how to blog and keep on blogging.
well now i'm in hols and the hols is gonna soon over.
so.start blogging...

my hols.
i would like to give a brief tribute to all tangga J members since i'm the only leftover. fers of all i would say how thankful i am to have those housemates. even though i'm a late comer but i still enjoy all those times we share together in MAIS J 1224.

he we goes,

ALAN - he wasnt there when i enter the house..he is great man..totally hilarious with his jokes and 1 thing bout this guy, he tot me to listen to indie bands..he rocks my music

ZHARIF - he was the fers person was there when i enter the house with najmi..he's wonder he managed to get good pointer..

MAHIR - the fers thing he asked me was about Helwa..well,its a long and another story..he is the most ALIM guy in my house..anyway he like to joke and he is Mahir..he is cool too.

MANUEL - he is sabahan in my house..he is cool,rock,.he is my fers barely noe him due to he not that close with person he barely,its forgiven..he always makes joke that make us laugh.

HILMI - antoher gossipmate..he is kind,smart..he loves music i guess..he listen alot to Melly Geoslaw's..

GP - my beddie,roommate..he is kind a kinda cute when he smiles..he always talk to his GF..its normal i guess..

NAJMI - i've been with him for 5 years in SDAR - 3 years in Zaaba Class,5 years in Band and Orchestra and finally we stuck together again in MAIS..he is kind and helpful person..nothing much to describe..we are good friends..

next is my neighbor..

AIZWAN - i barely noe him at fers,but sooner we've been talking a lot bout many thing..hehe..only we noes!!

SAIFUL - OMG,he is kind,helpful,softhearted and many good value in him,but sometime he could be annoying too..but all is forgiven.

ZAIDI - Gossipmate too..he with his friends..hazrul,ikrey,rashid,naufal are often together..

AFIQ SAYUTI - how could i forget my Dr Lourve...he is my teacher,my buddy,we share many stories together and secrets..he give me advices that i'll use it for the sake of my life..

IDHAM - manga man..he is anime freak..he adore all animes, exception on Black Bible coz he dont watch that kind of anime..ex asis and people used to call 'em Prof a.k.a Frodo.

SYAWAL - he is also my buddy,he is lawak and members of Visit Mak Tam Band. Kinda childish but sometime he is Matured enuff..

CHRIS - OMG,he is great man,hardworking,hilarious..he is also my Gossipmate,u noe y? he even stop studying to gossip..we use to sit and talk2 and gossip bout people..miss all that.

OMFG..i dunno how to face this,but i have to eat the bitter for another 1 month i guess..
hate short-sem. anyway, here i share some moments we used to share together in MAIS..

me.alan.najmidean's list

what can i do..i really gonna miss them..cant wait for BTN. Love u guys like crazy..miss all those days together.
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