Tuesday, June 10, 2008

deaf or misunderstand the request.

well, i'm back with a question,
'do they follow as what we old 'em to do?'

well what make me turn on to split out this question because it happens to me.not once but many times.first of all,when i ordered teh ais as i told 'em.."bang,nk teh ais kurang ais OR bang,nk teh ais kurang manis.." in return wht do i get?? i still got the same teh ais like he usually did..ice still alot OR even if we asked for kurang manis, it would be more manis..see,got what i meant?
next,i when to a mamak barber shop (as desperate u could imagine)..i said.."potong xmau pendek sgt..." in return,when he is done,what do i look? he still cut it short and i'm the who are not satisfied.

this thing keep on makes me wonder why..i dunno, i guess they could be deaf or what? u see,the thing is simple..if in teh ais case,its either u put LESS susu pekat or more teh..let say if i request for less ice..i guess it is much more easier..put LESS ice..that should be simple isn it?

thats it..
i conclude that they are either DEAF or CANNOT UNDERSTAND MALAY..
oppss..sorry if it sound offended,but its true.
make urself a change.


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