Saturday, September 26, 2009


As usual, when my bestfriend is leaving Malaysia to study abroad, there's always a special post for them. And now this is for Aqeem.

First of all, i shall say i've did the right thing to nurture him to the right path [katenye]. I knew this naughty boy in SDAR in 2005 which is when i'm form 4. Obviously he's new intake in form 4. Still remember how he try really hard to adapt with us [nizar,pilin,mafia,effa,jijah and me]. During ice breaking in the mosque, we've been talking bout him and make jokes about him which he really try to fit in and finally he really fit in with us.

I was in the same class with him in form 5. Aqeem is kind,helpful,bright and smart. He's also a pervert and i-can't-describe-it-here.[some people might understand i shall say]. We share gossips together and talking about people we adore the most and also people we hate the most together and even love the same people together. ooopppss..

Enough of memoirs, and now he's leaving for London for medic and he's bright enough for Queen Mary. Congratulation and hope the bes for. Telling you this is not the end of the world, so good luck and i'll see you in London. As SOMEONE TOLD ME before to KEEP AS MUCH MONEY IN POUNDS so that i can go to London. [as if i don't know UK using Pounds and i can really afford to go to UK you know] HAHA. Anyways, I HEART YOU Aqeem.


Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Oct 2009



Raya/Eid 2009

I shall say for me, it's a bit dull since 2 of my granny just passed away in 2009. So, the emptiness still there. So, we when to visit the grave yard in the morning and recite Yassin. Went back home and sleep. [bad huh?!] Seriously, it's damn tired due to some reasons that i'm insomnia plus it's really hot that day.

In the evening, the whole big family, as in BIG FAMILY went to my uncle house and just an adat, just chit-chatting. With all the ladies [including mummies] talking gossip, while men talking politics and stuff. See, the difference between men and women. Then finally convoy to my house to get ready for my brother's engagement present which need to be done and decorated.

As usual, when all my aunties and cousins doing all the decoration part, it always include a package of gossip and some pervert jokes. [ yeah, that happens in my big family,and it doesn't care where are we.] laugh..laugh..and laugh! LOL.

2nd day of Eid still boring, but still cheerful with all the cousins' around. Blast of laugh everywhere and jokes. Till midnight, we all still laughing like crazy.

3rd day - my brother's engagement day. Happening. we convoyed from Ipoh to Penang with 9 cars. The ceremony was huge and the family were friendly and warm. Done about 2pm. Next, we headed to Ferringhi and Gurney. wanted to lepak at Gurney drive,but unfortunately no parking and yet the parking were far away from Gurney Plaza. Went to Gurney just for a while, you know, window shopping. Before we headed back to Ipoh, had our hi-tea in Kapitan Restaurant for tea and then straight away headed to Ipoh.

That's what happen for my Eid in 3 days. And, suddenly i forgot that Gossip Girl S03E02 had been released, so straight away i download and luckily the internet was ok. One more before i'm off, duit raya, intresting ryte, when i'm older as in 20 years old, the amount is more and i wish my age will be 20 forever so that i'll still receive the money. HEHE. The condition where i will not be receiving duit raya is when i'm no longer a student or in other word when i've started to work. SO, i DON'T wanna work!!!!

and that's it. Raya/Eid.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid

here, I would like to wish all the Muslims all around the world,


may this year's Eid, bring us lots of joy and happiness. I would also sincerely seek for forgiveness for all the wrong doings.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's for u effa II

Before we went to the airport, we went to Mid Valley to find somthing for Effa, and here's what we got for him. Hope u like it Effa. (=

Wishing you all the best there and do keep in touch!

PS : I know it's cute ryte? =))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's for u effa

well, this is a special post i wanna dedicate to my dear friend who are leaving for Newcastle tomorrow night. His name is Azree Amrun but we used to call him Effa. It's been very long time being with you as friend. A bestfriend in fact.

And tomorrow you are leaving and we all gonna really missed you. You've been a very supportive, friendly, caring, patient, helpful, kind and many other words that's can describe who you really are.

You'll not going to be around with us anymore ho hang out together, sleepover, mid night movies, staying up with juniors, guys night out, merdeka countdown. But, you know something, we might be able to meet up actually. So, don't worry too much and since Aqeem is going to London, so i guess, for me, he's the centre place to met up maybe. [better take note,ok, Telo] And i choose London is not because of you-know-what, if you know what i mean.

I writing this because i'll have no time, since planned have been made for this few week. So, have fun there and we'll catch up later and do send me your phone number once you reached there. Bon Voyage and bestfriends for eternity.

p/s: still meeting you tomorrow ok. don't worry i'll be there.

The Ugly Truth

i've just watched The Ugly Truth.
at first i felt it was boring and cliche romantic love story, but hell no.
it's not cliche at least. it a romantic comedy in its own way of expressing it.
the story line is superb and the actors and actress were excellent.

I was suggested by Iqbal, but i refuse to watch it actually, but see what happen. Still watching and loving it.

So, people out there, go kick some ass! Happy Watching!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


have you ever heard the word coward?
well, it seems to me that that kind of people is afraid of truth and their self.

i know a person who is coward. this person doesn't have guts to tell truth and blame other on what he did. He'd hiding inside people's profile and using others profile.

He is to me very coward and just to embarassed to say to the world who he really is. I hate this guy and really hate himself. He, who don't want to admit who he is and how he's been doing.

He didn't realized that i'm t the only one who hated him, but there's more out there who hate him more than i do. He's just like a virus to other people. But, hell yeah there's some people who adores him, but definitely not me. The people who let him use their profiles and id(s).

Uweks...I hate this guy!

so let have a guess? who is it?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

going back

finishing up the foods

at Madam Kwan's

PappaRich Bandar Sri Permaisuri

in front of deco KLCC

import from Russia.

waiting for the elevator.

with the teachers.

Malaysia Holiday

it's been a while since my last post.
well, there's plenty of reasons why there's no update. I've been busy with exams, and getting results, puasa, and packing thing to bring back home. So, here i am writhin gon this blog.

I wanna share what i've been doing since a week in Malaysia. Well, i arrived in KLIA on Wednesday morning and straight away went back to Perak. I shall say fasting in Perak this time rather boring since i've grown up i guess. Well, not much of excitement,except the fact that i'm home for eid this year. Not much of bazaar Ramadhan and all.

This week, i had a little blast and satisfying week i would say. I went to KL to sent off my friend, Izzat Shufphi to Czech Republic to persuit medic there. Many of us there actually and it's like a mini reunion. I went to KLIA with Nizar, Effa, Telo, Azam. There, we met Mentol, Junko, Amir, EE, Toche, and several other guys. (sorry i'm tired to type all the names).

Then, we straight away headed to Seremban for the next day plan which is SDAR. We when there since many among us are going to fly soon, so we wanna pay our last visit to the alma mater. [not me,actually]. Arrive there quite late and we also had our mid nite sahur in Taipan Senawang + 7eleven for snacks. Arrive SDAR around 1am and yet still i had a chance to meet up with Akram. hehe =)

Tuesday, meet with the teachers and all staff and we dismiss that nite. I went back withNizar to Rembau and continue our plans with our senoir next day. Kotok, just arrived from Paris and we meet up and hang out that nite to KLCC for breaking fast, but unfortunately we didnt manage to arrive there on time, so we booked for 8.45pm. Kotok actually craving for Malay food, so we ate at Madam Kwan's. Food was superb and lepak2 there till 11pm something. Chit chating and all.

Headed back to Cengal Apartment, but before that we stick around PappaRich for coffea and talks. It's been a long time we havent done that since i fly to India, plus Jenglotte were also there. He's back for good now and yet still not working. Continue chatting at home till everybody fell asleep.

The Next day, Kotok cook for us and had a great day. Sahur and all were all fun. Except that i'm home by friday. Actually, the plan was wanna catch up 1pm train, but unfortunately i slept late because of Project Runway. So, Kotok drop us at KL Sentral by 3pm and i leave KL at 6pm. When to Bukit Bintang in rush to get something for myself, but what i'm looking for wasn't there and wanted to drop by to Pavilion,but it's raining. So, take a monorail to KL Sentral back and getting ready to go back.

next week will be another adventure. Wanna send Effa off to Newcastle. We'll meet up one time in London maybe! And as usual, next post will be the photos~
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