Friday, September 25, 2009


Raya/Eid 2009

I shall say for me, it's a bit dull since 2 of my granny just passed away in 2009. So, the emptiness still there. So, we when to visit the grave yard in the morning and recite Yassin. Went back home and sleep. [bad huh?!] Seriously, it's damn tired due to some reasons that i'm insomnia plus it's really hot that day.

In the evening, the whole big family, as in BIG FAMILY went to my uncle house and just an adat, just chit-chatting. With all the ladies [including mummies] talking gossip, while men talking politics and stuff. See, the difference between men and women. Then finally convoy to my house to get ready for my brother's engagement present which need to be done and decorated.

As usual, when all my aunties and cousins doing all the decoration part, it always include a package of gossip and some pervert jokes. [ yeah, that happens in my big family,and it doesn't care where are we.] laugh..laugh..and laugh! LOL.

2nd day of Eid still boring, but still cheerful with all the cousins' around. Blast of laugh everywhere and jokes. Till midnight, we all still laughing like crazy.

3rd day - my brother's engagement day. Happening. we convoyed from Ipoh to Penang with 9 cars. The ceremony was huge and the family were friendly and warm. Done about 2pm. Next, we headed to Ferringhi and Gurney. wanted to lepak at Gurney drive,but unfortunately no parking and yet the parking were far away from Gurney Plaza. Went to Gurney just for a while, you know, window shopping. Before we headed back to Ipoh, had our hi-tea in Kapitan Restaurant for tea and then straight away headed to Ipoh.

That's what happen for my Eid in 3 days. And, suddenly i forgot that Gossip Girl S03E02 had been released, so straight away i download and luckily the internet was ok. One more before i'm off, duit raya, intresting ryte, when i'm older as in 20 years old, the amount is more and i wish my age will be 20 forever so that i'll still receive the money. HEHE. The condition where i will not be receiving duit raya is when i'm no longer a student or in other word when i've started to work. SO, i DON'T wanna work!!!!

and that's it. Raya/Eid.

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