Sunday, September 13, 2009


have you ever heard the word coward?
well, it seems to me that that kind of people is afraid of truth and their self.

i know a person who is coward. this person doesn't have guts to tell truth and blame other on what he did. He'd hiding inside people's profile and using others profile.

He is to me very coward and just to embarassed to say to the world who he really is. I hate this guy and really hate himself. He, who don't want to admit who he is and how he's been doing.

He didn't realized that i'm t the only one who hated him, but there's more out there who hate him more than i do. He's just like a virus to other people. But, hell yeah there's some people who adores him, but definitely not me. The people who let him use their profiles and id(s).

Uweks...I hate this guy!

so let have a guess? who is it?


AiMaN!!!! said...

hahaha.. saya rase saya tau saper ;)

superfragilisticexplandicious said...

erm.siape kah gerangan jejake .
mesti idaman uols

hilariouskozac said...

Aiman : spe?? hehehe

iqbal : eeuuw~

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