Saturday, September 12, 2009

Malaysia Holiday

it's been a while since my last post.
well, there's plenty of reasons why there's no update. I've been busy with exams, and getting results, puasa, and packing thing to bring back home. So, here i am writhin gon this blog.

I wanna share what i've been doing since a week in Malaysia. Well, i arrived in KLIA on Wednesday morning and straight away went back to Perak. I shall say fasting in Perak this time rather boring since i've grown up i guess. Well, not much of excitement,except the fact that i'm home for eid this year. Not much of bazaar Ramadhan and all.

This week, i had a little blast and satisfying week i would say. I went to KL to sent off my friend, Izzat Shufphi to Czech Republic to persuit medic there. Many of us there actually and it's like a mini reunion. I went to KLIA with Nizar, Effa, Telo, Azam. There, we met Mentol, Junko, Amir, EE, Toche, and several other guys. (sorry i'm tired to type all the names).

Then, we straight away headed to Seremban for the next day plan which is SDAR. We when there since many among us are going to fly soon, so we wanna pay our last visit to the alma mater. [not me,actually]. Arrive there quite late and we also had our mid nite sahur in Taipan Senawang + 7eleven for snacks. Arrive SDAR around 1am and yet still i had a chance to meet up with Akram. hehe =)

Tuesday, meet with the teachers and all staff and we dismiss that nite. I went back withNizar to Rembau and continue our plans with our senoir next day. Kotok, just arrived from Paris and we meet up and hang out that nite to KLCC for breaking fast, but unfortunately we didnt manage to arrive there on time, so we booked for 8.45pm. Kotok actually craving for Malay food, so we ate at Madam Kwan's. Food was superb and lepak2 there till 11pm something. Chit chating and all.

Headed back to Cengal Apartment, but before that we stick around PappaRich for coffea and talks. It's been a long time we havent done that since i fly to India, plus Jenglotte were also there. He's back for good now and yet still not working. Continue chatting at home till everybody fell asleep.

The Next day, Kotok cook for us and had a great day. Sahur and all were all fun. Except that i'm home by friday. Actually, the plan was wanna catch up 1pm train, but unfortunately i slept late because of Project Runway. So, Kotok drop us at KL Sentral by 3pm and i leave KL at 6pm. When to Bukit Bintang in rush to get something for myself, but what i'm looking for wasn't there and wanted to drop by to Pavilion,but it's raining. So, take a monorail to KL Sentral back and getting ready to go back.

next week will be another adventure. Wanna send Effa off to Newcastle. We'll meet up one time in London maybe! And as usual, next post will be the photos~


IkieYcrUnchie_ikreLIcious said...

gitew..sampai pkol 1 pagi jumpe sape? ehem ehem!

simpan laptop bebaik!

hilariouskozac said...

heehe...btw jmpe akram je~

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