Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's been a while i didn't update my blog and there's only 1 reason for that, its the EXAM fever came thru my life since last 2 weeks. Well, last 2 week was the study leave and i decided not to update nor interneting, but today i've finished half of the final examination and i loosen up a bit so that i can have some time to update.

It was unbelievable that i'm almost done first year MBBS in Incredible India. Well, there;s lots to cover within that 2 weeks and i used it wisefully so that i will not regret in the end. Alhamdulillah, now 2 papers were already done which is Anatomy I & II and Physiology I & II. it's not expected that anatomy question would be quite tough and physiology not far from that.

There's so many things that should be credited this whole 1st year and believe it or not, i'm going home soon. Many thing had been taught in IMS this year and really appreciate it and hopefully it will not deplete from my frontal cortex and my Papez circuit will work functionally. There's 1 more paper left next week and break for a week and finally the practical examination. Then, free and really want to go home.

1 thing that i pray hard to Allah everyday is, i hope i wouldn't repeat year and really don't want that to happen. May i pass this Phase I MBBS Professional Examination and pray for my best ok. Ameen! and there's also 1 more thing. Swine flu. Gosh, i'm scared to go back to Malaysia because of this.

I have 1 friend back there in Malaysia who were infected and to bad that she passed away because of pneumonia and heart failure in her sleep.Maybe Allah love her most and know better for her. My deep condolences to her family and may her rest in peace. May Allah put late Zahidatul Syazana Zamri among the soleh and solehah. Ameen.

this here then, pen's off!

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