Sunday, June 28, 2009

IMS Sports Carnival

Well, its the IMS Sports Carnival. I didn't expect that taking this course will also include sports day like high scholl, but, anyways it's still fun. It is held 3 days in a row and it was started last night with few sports. Ironically, its not just olympic games were played, but also some traditional games as well as fun games.

Tomorrow will be the peak of the event where it will be held in HMT Jalahali Sports Complex, which i also don't really know where is it, but one thing i'm sure of is, tomorrow will be so much fun with lots of activities and there will be food fest as well.

Anyways, as for me, i think it would be much hectic. I'm the AJK for 'sukaneka' which have to brief to the participants. Gosh, i hope i'll have the gut to speak tomorrow. As for today, there's been a lot happening at the court. I would say, its the immature-ness part of some people. I don't really know how it happened but what i knew was, it's the jaw that dislocate. For me, as we all growing up older, we should have a mature thinking and emotion as well. In fact, we all are here to be a future doctor, but if this immature action that actually did happened today was not supposed to happen.

I mean, come on guys, you guys are big enough to know and differentiate which one is good and which one is bad. That a simple thing that should bare in mind. Who else could have such childish-minded to go and kick someone to someones jaw due to frustration and emotionally unstable? Maybe, we never realize that and we actually don't really have the intention to do so, but always remember, even so how mad and unstable we are, think of Allah, if not, this kind of thing would happen.

So, let yesterday be a lesson and make today a better day. Today is our IMS Sports Carnival and let's have some fun people!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lost with pride

Recently, SDAR Symphonic Band won the 1st runner up in the Festival Wind Orchestra SBP & Cluster School 2009, yet the boys weren't happy not that they not thankful, but sad because they really work hard and wanted to win so badly. I cried that we lost to TKC (Tunku Kurshiah College)with the repertoire ' Disney Festival'.

In the competition, SDAR Symphonic Band played a repertoire by Franco Cesarini, 'Bulgarian Dances Op. 35'. I would say the 'Bulgarian Dances' is harder than Disney Festival with the time signature of 7/8, 5/11, but the luck wasn't SDAR's. On top of that, Syahmi Izzat,who was expected to be the best conductor also lost to TKC's conductor, Hamizah.


I was touched that, when i read my sensei's blog about how sad was the fivers, tears drop down my cheek. How sincere the fivers are. They really wanted to win to let the juniors feel the feeling of a winner. To fulfil the dream of the exboy whose been waiting to win the trophy so badly years after years. How they really wanted to win to make he school proud of them and be visible to eyes of the school admin and wanted to be respected in school.

before the show starts

All i can say to the juniors, if you guys are reading this, be strong. We can prove that SDAR Symphonic Band will win the trophy once upon a time. I promise that you guys will do your best and keep up he good work so that we will be the winner next year. Once we fail, we will keep on trying and that's what SDARians do. This is just the beginning of your journey and to all fivers, work hard in your academic as well and don't forget to come to SDAR once you are exboy.

during the performance
Special thanks to all exboy who came to give the morale support and helped direc
tly or indirectly in term of funds, time consumption and energy in order to give the full support to the band. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, there will be more supporter from exboy and we can establish our exboy band to help them.

on the stage

Last but not least, to our beloved instructor, Raja Muzafar (Abg Raja) for the hard work of teaching the SDAR Symphonic Band and make them in the track again after a drastic defeat last year. You are the hero for the band and all the hard work you've done, there's nothing worth to compare with. You energy, time and money and all whatever you did for the band, we really appreciate it and you'll be the instructor forever. I won't let you go whatever it is, because Kotok and i work really hard to make you teach SDAR.

faris danial playing Chimes

Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a week i had.

wow, last week, i told my friend to check their facebook on saturday,go out on sunday and they'll know on monday. But, too bad that on Sunday night, they did gave me a surprise. I nearly made a cake on my head due to eggs and flour they throw to me.

Well, last Monday was my birthday and it was the first time my birthday with eggs and flour. For the rest of my life even in SDAR, everytime it was my birthday, it was school holiday and my friend don't even have time to surprise like what i had this year.

Even last year, when i was in Shah Alam, my birthday, they were not there, but this year was different and i finally had a joy of eggs and flour. I don't really expected that it could happen because Afiq (Jehan) came to my house and asking for Biochem Record book and i was like, "what the hell with this guy...Amek je la kt rak tu.." But, due to my high sense of bad things, i knew that he wanna break an egg on my head because it was my birthday. I straight away ran away outside as if he's alone, once i reach outside, there were lots of people holding me back from running away. And "pekkkk" there, few of eggs hit my body and flour as well. I screamed as loud as i could like a crazy ass. HAHA.

After all, i finally felt the feeling how to be thrown eggs on my body. It was like hell, but still there's sill people remember my birthday and that's where the part i'm touched.

Anyways, thanks to all of the people that wishes me even though some of them was late, but still, they even wish right? Thanks a lot for making my birthday a happy moment and don't forget to bring presentS next time ok!

A special thanks to my housemates that they even made delicious foods and superb cheese cake that was definitely thoughtful. Thanks a lot.

*hugs and kisses*

Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Birthday to My Dad
it's 12th June.
and also Happy Father's Day~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009


last tuesday,
when i was in the lab,
i received a phone call from my brother telling me that my Tok Mak had return to meet Allah.
i was in shock and i couldn't control more and straight away i cried.
Luckily i was able to meet arwah before she's gone.
looking back at the photo reminds me of everything that she'd done to me.
i'm sad that she's gone and i was not there to kiss her for the last time.
May her body rest in peace and placed among the soleh and solehah.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

hectic week.

oh dear.
Just came back from Malaysia, and i thought it would be great, but it's actually tiring.
Move out from old place to a new place would be very tiring. Now, my housemate and i will be going out places to find electrical appliances for our new house and it cost alot of money anyways.
A night when we arrive the new house it was like a ship rack. The next day we clean it up and tidy it up till it looks superb.

Now,there's just minor thing to be done at home and next week i can concentrate on study and other thing. HEHE =) Pictures of new house will be out when the house is done.
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