Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation Pixies

zaidi n me

me again
highlight the background
all of us in the photo..42 of us
this is before we reach the sign "limit till here"
the starting point where we climb up
tea plantation on the way up to the park
at the entrance of National Park

Munnar/Thekaddy/Kottayam/Allepey = Kerala = Vacation

Munnar/Thekaddy/Kottayam/Allepey = Kerala + Mysore = Vacation

isn't there any mathematical equation like that? ha-ha.
btw those where the palces that i went for vacation and it cost me Rs 14k and for 7 days (including the days i need to sleep in a super-duper-not-comfortable-to-sleep bus). well, as long as it called as vacation,i'm on it.

before that..kak lin once said that Kerala rawks..yes!! it's true but there's few thing we or i didnt really enjoyed.
let's talk about chocolate..i love chocolate in fact i adore 'em, but i thought it's gonna be like Langkawi, duty free chocolate,packaged + imported chocolate, but its one way another in's homemade chocolates which not-really-bad-taste chocolate and i can't have the guts to get it in Munnar as i thought there's gonna be lots more to offer in the other places which turn out there's nothing left there. Fine! it's sad and it's my bad. =(

Munnar = Day 1
arriving night, we went to watch this Kanali Dance(traditional Kerala Dance) which Mimi,Nisa and i went there walking as if we know that place until we lost to a gorgeous hotel which found to be the wrong place. then, we took an auto to the correct place. As we arrived there, luckily it's not finished yet, which happens made me think that people is going to laugh at us for coming late as the show was already finished. isk3!!

Munnar = Day 2 morning
we went to the National Park where we can only find a dessert lamp. but the view is nice though.
we all have to climb this hill up to the point which have the sign board " Limit till Here! " and there, we took lots of pic so that most of the time we spent camwhoring like a crazy bunch of Malaysian that never took photo before.

Munnar = Day 2 afternoon
there a place called a DAM.
i'll more like a lake for me. then we stop shopping which offers jewellary box for Rs100 which i didn't bought it cause i thought Thekkady will offer better plus looking at that place they sell it not convincing at all. head up we went to the boat riding. it's cool cause the uncle did the drift thinggy. then on the way back we saw this 2 big elephant and decided to take a's elephant ride. the best thing is the elephant got names is letchumi and 1 more is malayani or something. (i have that short term memory problem i guess).

Thekaddy = Day 3
we arrive at the Lakeshore Inn hotel around 2pm. had lunch there and planning to go for a sight-seeing boating to see the wild animal in the jungle, but sadly we were late enough and the tourist guide took us the the most boring-ayurvedic-so-called-jungle-with-ayurvedic-plant-in-it and he dare called it as tourist attraction which for me it's boring except that they sell various type of tea as if Malaysia don't have vanilla tea.Hehe. Night activity was shopping at the shop around there.

Kottayam = Day 4
the place that i expecting more from it. but it's so good to be true. the hotel was superb..walla..but the town...ok2..correction..SMALL TOWN is a dead town at night. i can't barely see any inresting shop to stop by. and that afternood we went to the boat veiw AGAIN! but this time the boat ride was much more intersting that we sat on top of the boat and we can see the sun set till we arrived back with lots of mosquitoes haunting for our blood.

Allepey = Day 5
it's the houseboat.
i LOVE it. it's sleek and stylish. we eat,sleep,movie,read,poo all in the houseboat. we even swin it the lake which is quite deep and i need to use the life jacket to swin. Since Bangalore is not seafood on that boat we bought like 6 kgs of tiger prawn and asked the people inside the boat to cook for us. its like we in heaven that we ate 6 kgs of prawn in 1 day which we hard found in Bangalore.

BUS = Day 6
we arrived at the jetty and head back to bangalore which we dont really reach bangalore yet cause we stop at this miserable MOTEL/DORM which have electronic key to switch on the power supply while other hotel didn't implement it yet.

BUS = Day 7
we stop by at Mysore and we suppose to go shopping,palace and zoo. but sadly they canceled the trip to Palace. i wonder they took us to the zoo which come to think of it, in Malaysia also have zoo in fact better than Mysore Zoo. we just have a glance at the Palace and not to stop there.
that night we arrive in Bangalore.
Sob3..the vacation is over.......
pic will be in the next post.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Internal Assesment Examination

today i've complete the first Internal Assesment.


- as expected, hard and difficult.
- i think i'm going to fail the theory exam.
- humoral immunity i didn't read and i can't answer it.
- my housemate got this spot question and he keep on telling us,but unfortunately i ignore it.
- next time i'm doing all my best.
- Physio practical, i got RBC count and Bleeding time and so-called-viva was asked by Dr suresh and he gave me simple question and Alhamdulillah i do it well.

- the essay was aimed to be hip joint,but it was knee joint.
- luckily i read bout the knee joint and managed to do it and thankful for that.
- there's one question asked to draw and label lymph nodes and part of it i do it right but part of it was from spleen.
- as for practical..urrm..histo was easy to identy but hardly to give the correct characteristic.
- Gross anatomy, luckily i answered all but there's few structure that i got it wrong and few of it i'm not so sure..

- Most neglected subject, but it studied it last minute-ly.
- Chemistry of carb i studies from evening till midnite and little the came out. =(
- Protein i just read essential amino acids and non essential and the structure of protein i studied on the surface only.
- Structure of protein essay i do it based on the knowledge that i have only.HAHA.
- And miracle happened as i didn't read about lipids very much the question asked bout lipoprotein and i hit with what i have in my mind and yeay!! it true but nothing much i can elobrate.
- Practical was Alhamdulillah easy, i got the identification of carbohydrate and it was glucose! and it was easy! Thanks to ALLAH.

as for now.
i'm packing to get ready for Kerala.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Duper Messy!



but still have Lab Exam.

Good Luck Phase I student.. =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Happy Eidul Adha 
from Bangalore,India

IMS organised an event due to Eidul Adha.
nothing much actually, just that there's 2 speaker were invited to give a 20-mins-each talk.
The first speaker was kinda cool but the second was superb.
He was converted from Hindu to Muslim [if i'm not mistaken] and ironically he was studying on comparative religion.
You know what,he can spill everything that he know from the extract from Holy Quran,Bible,and even from Hindu's...i was attracted to his word which says that he was not converted to Islam but reverted to Islam..since there's a phrase in Quran which states that every child was born were Islam. Overall,my review on this event was lame and quite dull. Food was late but tasty.

off the pen.
Happy Eid-Ul-Adha.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

title that i don't know

well nothing much..
yesterday my house made a open house.
but sadly we had to transfer to Grapesview since that stupin Guard and the head of association won't let our guess come in...

but now...i'm in study mode.
hehe..well let's join me and then we all going for vacation to kerala.


and Good Luck to all Phase I student on this coming Internal Assesment.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 litre of tears.

it's not a movie but what had happen to me.

Last week was a busy and hectic week.
Plus, being apart from family is kinda give me a pressure added with first monthly test.
I was mentally unstable last week and i felt bad about it. 
the story is,me and K were not talking to N and B.
i've been telling A about this and he comfort me,since he's the one i can trust and the one who i lend the sholder to cry on. i din expect that N and B also need to be comfort,so they went to Sreeram to ask what's going on.FYI,we've been not talking for almost 5 days. At first, i thought it was nothing and i'm ignoring it. But,on monday,  people were starting to talk all those stuff and that makes me feel really bad and i gain my strength to confront them,but K was not really ready. I waited. But then, K was ready because of something came up. I called Kak Sha and ask her how do i deal with that. She comfort me while i'm crying. She is such a wonderful sister who always be there whenever i'm in need. Then, we settle all those problem with N and B.
Then after settle all those stuff we all were ok back as usual, but new thing came up and i kinda like it since at least there's people being honest with me and i really appreciate it even tough it's hard to swollow it. It's about the older people who really interested to interfere all those minor part of our batch in IMS. Not that i'm suggesting that senior are NOT important but there are limitation on what they are trying to interfere. All those in the past,what happened in Mais, they know all the details. I mean,what's the point they wanted to know all those stuff? to humiliate us or shall i say our batch? to humiliate some particular people that were the subject of the story?
and even what we wear also is an issue and i'm one of the affected, so what the hell...i wanna make things clear here..JUST BECAUSE WHAT WE WEAR IS IN FASHION,WHY YOU CARE SO MUCH..GO AND READ VOGUE PEOPLE, THEN ONLY YOU CAN COMMENT US.
Even commoner knows how to dress up,so save it for yourself. i just hate to cry on all these stuff but hearing this hurts my feeling. those people whoever said that i hope you can consider back what have you done.  WE ARE NOT THE FASHION VICTIM,BUT YOU ARE!

I've been crying alot this few days and i realize that, being apart from my mother and father. Being far away oversea from all my siblings made me realized that i have no one here and all i have is my friends,my housemates, and they all i've got here. they are like my family here. they are where i can lend their sholuder to cry on, they are all i have when i'm in trouble. they all i have to laugh with and i realized that i cant live here without them. I'm Sorry of my sensitivity,fragility, and 'merajukness',but i'm still who i am,i try to be the best person in same time but i do have limitation. I'm tired. Really tired. hope i'll get over this. and I don't want to cry on those minor things. I want to be strong. I can't stand to cry anymore. Thanks to Kak Sha for being such a wonderful sister. Thanks also to all my friends in this batch. I'll save this 1 litre of tears....

Lots of Love,

p/s: i'm sorry for the word that kinda harsh and sorry if anyone felt offended.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pity this baby : aborted

Day : Wednesday
Date : 26 Nov 2008
Venue : Dissection Hall
Subject : Aborted Foetus.

At the moment i entered the Dissection Hall it was calm. Nothing happens. Suddenly there was a crowd at one of the corner of the dissection hall. I was wondering and refuse to go and see what happens at first. But, it looks interesting and when i saw that tiny 'thing'. I was like MasyaAllah.
It was a aborted foetus. The fotus was aborted due to the defect of the body structure. Unlike other unborn foetus, at the stage of 4 month, the structure of body suppose to look like almost perfect,but that poor foetus has no skull cap, thus it's brain was growing out of the head. The purpose of the foetus was there is because of it need to be preserved in our museum. Dr. Kulkani was the one who handle the preservation method and showed it in front of the student crowd. I t was intereting. Here i have some photos.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

a dedication to my family

hello guys,
this sounds odd but i think it's the right thing to do to relief my homesickenss.


I believe that family is a single piece that holds the puzzle of life together and i have to clarify that what constitutes the family is more than blood related. i live in a small family of 5. The 5 is more than perfect for me. I've been in India now for 1 and half months now and started to feel that i'm away far from the other 4. From the previous post i've mention that i missed them that are,a mother and father of 3 Mohd,Shakir and Shazuan. I'm not good to tell this on phone so i spill it out here in this blog.

to mum and dad.
how can i tell this. It's shamefull to tell here, but feeling can't hide. Yesterday i was in a bad mood and one of the reason was because i miss both of so much. I just don't know why this feelings keep haunting me but that was i felt. I miss those times you yelled at me for not doing the right thing. I missed all the food that you cook for me. I missed the time that you asked me what to eat when i came back from Shah Alam so that dad can go and prepare the thing. i missed the time you asked me a lot of favor to clean the house and tidy up your room. I missed those tme you asked me to dressed you up before leaving on special occasion. i missed the time when i
 'merajuk' with you and dad for not buying the thing that i want.i missed the time when you both are worried that i went back with shakir late at night. i missed being beside mum and dad everyday so that i could see mum's and dad's bright shiny face that cheers me up everyday since i was born till now.Mum and dad i still need you blessing and support till forever even though that i'm all the way far in India. i love mum and dad so much. I felt so lucky to have you while some of there have no mum or dad.

to the two Mohd.
yeah have to admit that you two are my brother and i love you guys so much even though we've been thru a lot of not-knowing-reason of fighting. it hard to believe that i finally hit the roof of my homesickness and finally have to admit that how important you guys in my life. as for both of you i missed the time that we all used to fight cause of a lot of reason. Sometime wan and me against shakir. me and akir against wan. those fight haunting my mind and make me feel so far away from u guys. Just so you both know, i actually missed you both so much and afterall you guys are my brothers. I missed the time that i drove shakir's car. i missed the time i drove and wan scolded me for not being careful. i missed the time i beg shakir for letting me drive his car. i missed the time shazuan asked my to treat him. i missed the time where we used to fight bout tees.i missed you both that we could have a real great time living together as brothers.

i just wanted to tell that i missed you guys sooooooo much and trying my best here to study as my exam is almost near. i missed you all and i LOVE you all so much.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wish A "Wake Up Call"

people say,
time flies,but i wish i could stop the time.
but i wish i could.
looking around.
its almost significantly i've been here in the oversea for about a month now.
Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry.
plus Community Medicine.

most of the day were hectic and tiring.
its medic life as i expected.
its true that dissecting is cool.
its fun to dissect while mostly other medical student in other country dont even have this chance.
the more we see during dissection,the morewe need to absorb.
i wish i could be like Sponge Bob that i could absorb whatever i read, hear and see.
once again. I WISH.

now its in the end of november and december is waiting to shine its sunlight.
knowing that by 15-19th of December our first Internal Assesment will be held.
i wish i could turn the time so that i could revise all those taught in the lecture hall been absorbed easily. All i need now it a motivation and a wake up call. Senior once told us that its important to score the First IA,so that we'll be ease during the final far that i could belive this? I HAVE TO BELIEVE.

do i still have time?
YES. during this kind of situation, i still have time.So SYAFIQ DON'T GIVE UP!
utilize your time properly and you'll make through it. i hope so.
plus in the same time there's been lots of going on here. Everyday, every minutes people are talking. i wish i can stop but i can't but i have to try.
people called me by "named" but do i care? HELL NO!
remember it's one of many obstacles you need to go thru Syafiq!

and finally...

i miss my family,mum,dad,wan,akir
i miss my home
i miss my bed
i miss my quarel with my brothers
i miss my nephews and nieces
i miss my best friends
i miss my zerodeuxsix
i miss malaysia..............

even though they all are now here but i know they all will always be in my heart and support me from there. it's the wake up call and i'm here to be a doctor. so be one!

Bonne Chance.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


describe white.


party in white.isn't that cool people.
last saturday night was held a white party of Arif Jo's Birthday.
it's a good idea that he came up with that theme so that people will look all in white.
the party was great.

lots of crowd.
me and my housemates were all ready for the party and hit the crowd.
people were having fun and that night was awesome.
thanks Arif for the party.

kak sha,me

Sunday, November 16, 2008


last week on wednesday.

as usual we all rushed to the dissection hall for the dissection session.
the mood was there but still doing the same part.

start wearing gloves and hold the dissection kit.
blunt forcep.
then came Madam Rai explaining the day before explaination.
she started to cut our cadaver's muscle and stuff.

motive : to show us the tendon and attachment of the hip bone and the femur.
finally found it.

turn the cadaver's body back.
motive : to see the acticulation of the hip bone and femur posteriorly.
she cut the quadratus femoris to show us the capsule of the hip joint.

she ask us to identify the appearance there and she moved to other table.

we started to do for the other leg.
then came Dr. Rao

explaining bout the hip joint and ask us to detached the femur and the hip bone.
he asked me to cut off the capsule and the synovial fluid was released. it's a wow.

action : immediately stop and wash my hand!

continued by ain.
it's thick.
the capsule.
finally the capsule was opened and detached.
what we found was.........

its a fake head of femur.
it alloy.

result : i think this is the coolest dissection ever. we found a cadaver that have an alloy head of femur.


i was covered by Haseena =(
hehe =D
a 500 years tree
in front of Rose Garden
in front of Louis Vuitton Boutique,UB City
hehe =)
its not for real ok!
me n syaza in Lanvin
auto of 5 people
walking together
main gate of Lalbagh
b4 leaving for Lalbagh
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