Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation Pixies

zaidi n me

me again
highlight the background
all of us in the photo..42 of us
this is before we reach the sign "limit till here"
the starting point where we climb up
tea plantation on the way up to the park
at the entrance of National Park


naboonies said...

oh my.. this is fun!!1 shit i regret my option of choosing russia instead of india during the jpa interview.

all i have too show s old russian grandmas in my blog.....heheeh

Anonymous said...

omigod.i've been to all the places in the kan:).u guys ramai2 so mesti lagi havoc, kitorang dulu 10 ppl je pergi pon dah sgt happening.where's next?

hilariouskozac said...

don't know yet kak lin..
xsure lg..
teringin nk g goa..
dngr cantik tmpt tuh..

Budak T-Shirt Pink said...

ur bag was not suit with u lol..
d plane colour will look much more better with u..

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