Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Duper Messy!



but still have Lab Exam.

Good Luck Phase I student.. =)


naboonies said...

OH my! Makes me think about my 1st year exams. How stressful nd exciting at the same time!

Hope all is well, good luck!

hilariouskozac said...

yeah me too.
but first day was hell and hoping 2nd won't be the same. thanks anyways...

Anonymous said...

best of luck syafiq.chaiyok~

at least u can enjoy urself after this (kerala rawks~) but i am still struggling as my final is just 3 months near (and 3rd internal in 2 months time).

p/s rhytmsquad SDAR pernah main x theme song ur blog ni?

hilariouskozac said...

xpernah pon~
tp ad la score dye..

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