Sunday, December 7, 2008

title that i don't know

well nothing much..
yesterday my house made a open house.
but sadly we had to transfer to Grapesview since that stupin Guard and the head of association won't let our guess come in...

but now...i'm in study mode.
hehe..well let's join me and then we all going for vacation to kerala.


and Good Luck to all Phase I student on this coming Internal Assesment.


Anonymous said...

I heard abt the open house thingy and abt korang kene halau pak guard with anjing and penyapu.


Yela, foreigners convoy ramai2 gune motor rite after the bombing..

who would hv tot korang nak g open house je?


hilariouskozac said...

wow the story spread fast...

Anonymous said...

heard about that too from the other seniors,kelakar sungguhlah itu cerita (tapi geram juga). that's what you get,being a foreigner in their land so jgnlah kita treat foreigners kat msia like that (surely they hate us like how we hate some bloody rude indians)

i've been to kerala last year.very nice place,make sure you try all the famous keralites' dishes tapi nasi dia xsedap because they used par-boiled rice(go google;).kat thekkady sgt sejuk(kwsn gunung),so we've decided to cut short our stay there,heading straight to the alleypey houseboat.very memorable journey, though it was tiring.

hv fun:)

(panjang pula komen;),
very emotional lately;p)

hilariouskozac said...

to Kak Lin: hehe..yeah,mmg geram pon la..btw excited jgk la nk g kerala ni..hehe..yela melancong kt negara org kan..heheh

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