Sunday, December 28, 2008

Munnar/Thekaddy/Kottayam/Allepey = Kerala = Vacation

Munnar/Thekaddy/Kottayam/Allepey = Kerala + Mysore = Vacation

isn't there any mathematical equation like that? ha-ha.
btw those where the palces that i went for vacation and it cost me Rs 14k and for 7 days (including the days i need to sleep in a super-duper-not-comfortable-to-sleep bus). well, as long as it called as vacation,i'm on it.

before that..kak lin once said that Kerala rawks..yes!! it's true but there's few thing we or i didnt really enjoyed.
let's talk about chocolate..i love chocolate in fact i adore 'em, but i thought it's gonna be like Langkawi, duty free chocolate,packaged + imported chocolate, but its one way another in's homemade chocolates which not-really-bad-taste chocolate and i can't have the guts to get it in Munnar as i thought there's gonna be lots more to offer in the other places which turn out there's nothing left there. Fine! it's sad and it's my bad. =(

Munnar = Day 1
arriving night, we went to watch this Kanali Dance(traditional Kerala Dance) which Mimi,Nisa and i went there walking as if we know that place until we lost to a gorgeous hotel which found to be the wrong place. then, we took an auto to the correct place. As we arrived there, luckily it's not finished yet, which happens made me think that people is going to laugh at us for coming late as the show was already finished. isk3!!

Munnar = Day 2 morning
we went to the National Park where we can only find a dessert lamp. but the view is nice though.
we all have to climb this hill up to the point which have the sign board " Limit till Here! " and there, we took lots of pic so that most of the time we spent camwhoring like a crazy bunch of Malaysian that never took photo before.

Munnar = Day 2 afternoon
there a place called a DAM.
i'll more like a lake for me. then we stop shopping which offers jewellary box for Rs100 which i didn't bought it cause i thought Thekkady will offer better plus looking at that place they sell it not convincing at all. head up we went to the boat riding. it's cool cause the uncle did the drift thinggy. then on the way back we saw this 2 big elephant and decided to take a's elephant ride. the best thing is the elephant got names is letchumi and 1 more is malayani or something. (i have that short term memory problem i guess).

Thekaddy = Day 3
we arrive at the Lakeshore Inn hotel around 2pm. had lunch there and planning to go for a sight-seeing boating to see the wild animal in the jungle, but sadly we were late enough and the tourist guide took us the the most boring-ayurvedic-so-called-jungle-with-ayurvedic-plant-in-it and he dare called it as tourist attraction which for me it's boring except that they sell various type of tea as if Malaysia don't have vanilla tea.Hehe. Night activity was shopping at the shop around there.

Kottayam = Day 4
the place that i expecting more from it. but it's so good to be true. the hotel was superb..walla..but the town...ok2..correction..SMALL TOWN is a dead town at night. i can't barely see any inresting shop to stop by. and that afternood we went to the boat veiw AGAIN! but this time the boat ride was much more intersting that we sat on top of the boat and we can see the sun set till we arrived back with lots of mosquitoes haunting for our blood.

Allepey = Day 5
it's the houseboat.
i LOVE it. it's sleek and stylish. we eat,sleep,movie,read,poo all in the houseboat. we even swin it the lake which is quite deep and i need to use the life jacket to swin. Since Bangalore is not seafood on that boat we bought like 6 kgs of tiger prawn and asked the people inside the boat to cook for us. its like we in heaven that we ate 6 kgs of prawn in 1 day which we hard found in Bangalore.

BUS = Day 6
we arrived at the jetty and head back to bangalore which we dont really reach bangalore yet cause we stop at this miserable MOTEL/DORM which have electronic key to switch on the power supply while other hotel didn't implement it yet.

BUS = Day 7
we stop by at Mysore and we suppose to go shopping,palace and zoo. but sadly they canceled the trip to Palace. i wonder they took us to the zoo which come to think of it, in Malaysia also have zoo in fact better than Mysore Zoo. we just have a glance at the Palace and not to stop there.
that night we arrive in Bangalore.
Sob3..the vacation is over.......
pic will be in the next post.

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