Friday, December 19, 2008

Internal Assesment Examination

today i've complete the first Internal Assesment.


- as expected, hard and difficult.
- i think i'm going to fail the theory exam.
- humoral immunity i didn't read and i can't answer it.
- my housemate got this spot question and he keep on telling us,but unfortunately i ignore it.
- next time i'm doing all my best.
- Physio practical, i got RBC count and Bleeding time and so-called-viva was asked by Dr suresh and he gave me simple question and Alhamdulillah i do it well.

- the essay was aimed to be hip joint,but it was knee joint.
- luckily i read bout the knee joint and managed to do it and thankful for that.
- there's one question asked to draw and label lymph nodes and part of it i do it right but part of it was from spleen.
- as for practical..urrm..histo was easy to identy but hardly to give the correct characteristic.
- Gross anatomy, luckily i answered all but there's few structure that i got it wrong and few of it i'm not so sure..

- Most neglected subject, but it studied it last minute-ly.
- Chemistry of carb i studies from evening till midnite and little the came out. =(
- Protein i just read essential amino acids and non essential and the structure of protein i studied on the surface only.
- Structure of protein essay i do it based on the knowledge that i have only.HAHA.
- And miracle happened as i didn't read about lipids very much the question asked bout lipoprotein and i hit with what i have in my mind and yeay!! it true but nothing much i can elobrate.
- Practical was Alhamdulillah easy, i got the identification of carbohydrate and it was glucose! and it was easy! Thanks to ALLAH.

as for now.
i'm packing to get ready for Kerala.



naboonies said...

Great that you dah abis exam. as for me it's next month baru nak gelabah. haha

have fun in Kerala!

hilariouskozac said...

hehe..well jeng..wait till ur time come ok! I nk enjoy my trip!!!

baloo026 said...

ade ape weh kat kerala?

Anonymous said...

nothing more difficult in first year other than to have your gluteal region sit and study.actually its applies to second year too...

a piece of advice, don`t make spotting question a habit..treat all subjects itu best la wei!!

its sounds skempos..but its works..nak buat cemana kan??

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