Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Happy Eidul Adha 
from Bangalore,India

IMS organised an event due to Eidul Adha.
nothing much actually, just that there's 2 speaker were invited to give a 20-mins-each talk.
The first speaker was kinda cool but the second was superb.
He was converted from Hindu to Muslim [if i'm not mistaken] and ironically he was studying on comparative religion.
You know what,he can spill everything that he know from the extract from Holy Quran,Bible,and even from Hindu's...i was attracted to his word which says that he was not converted to Islam but reverted to Islam..since there's a phrase in Quran which states that every child was born were Islam. Overall,my review on this event was lame and quite dull. Food was late but tasty.

off the pen.
Happy Eid-Ul-Adha.


naboonies said...

Salam Eid to you!

jellyfungus said...

Salam EID!

Hey, my brother's in Manipal. Abbas Hamid. Maybe you know him?

jellyfungus said...

And my other brother used to go to SDAR too. If you're 19 then you must know him. Piran. LOL!

Thanks for following my blog!

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