Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 litre of tears.

it's not a movie but what had happen to me.

Last week was a busy and hectic week.
Plus, being apart from family is kinda give me a pressure added with first monthly test.
I was mentally unstable last week and i felt bad about it. 
the story is,me and K were not talking to N and B.
i've been telling A about this and he comfort me,since he's the one i can trust and the one who i lend the sholder to cry on. i din expect that N and B also need to be comfort,so they went to Sreeram to ask what's going on.FYI,we've been not talking for almost 5 days. At first, i thought it was nothing and i'm ignoring it. But,on monday,  people were starting to talk all those stuff and that makes me feel really bad and i gain my strength to confront them,but K was not really ready. I waited. But then, K was ready because of something came up. I called Kak Sha and ask her how do i deal with that. She comfort me while i'm crying. She is such a wonderful sister who always be there whenever i'm in need. Then, we settle all those problem with N and B.
Then after settle all those stuff we all were ok back as usual, but new thing came up and i kinda like it since at least there's people being honest with me and i really appreciate it even tough it's hard to swollow it. It's about the older people who really interested to interfere all those minor part of our batch in IMS. Not that i'm suggesting that senior are NOT important but there are limitation on what they are trying to interfere. All those in the past,what happened in Mais, they know all the details. I mean,what's the point they wanted to know all those stuff? to humiliate us or shall i say our batch? to humiliate some particular people that were the subject of the story?
and even what we wear also is an issue and i'm one of the affected, so what the hell...i wanna make things clear here..JUST BECAUSE WHAT WE WEAR IS IN FASHION,WHY YOU CARE SO MUCH..GO AND READ VOGUE PEOPLE, THEN ONLY YOU CAN COMMENT US.
Even commoner knows how to dress up,so save it for yourself. i just hate to cry on all these stuff but hearing this hurts my feeling. those people whoever said that i hope you can consider back what have you done.  WE ARE NOT THE FASHION VICTIM,BUT YOU ARE!

I've been crying alot this few days and i realize that, being apart from my mother and father. Being far away oversea from all my siblings made me realized that i have no one here and all i have is my friends,my housemates, and they all i've got here. they are like my family here. they are where i can lend their sholuder to cry on, they are all i have when i'm in trouble. they all i have to laugh with and i realized that i cant live here without them. I'm Sorry of my sensitivity,fragility, and 'merajukness',but i'm still who i am,i try to be the best person in same time but i do have limitation. I'm tired. Really tired. hope i'll get over this. and I don't want to cry on those minor things. I want to be strong. I can't stand to cry anymore. Thanks to Kak Sha for being such a wonderful sister. Thanks also to all my friends in this batch. I'll save this 1 litre of tears....

Lots of Love,

p/s: i'm sorry for the word that kinda harsh and sorry if anyone felt offended.


A Mum Of Three Mohd said...

Apa cite ni pasal fashion pun nak gaduh-gaduh. Respect hak sendiri dan hak orang lain. Dunia akan lebih aman..... kalau tidak,itulah akibatnya. Hati kena baik dan sentiasa berbaik sangka antara satu sama lain. Dah jangan nak pening-pening kepala fikir what other people say. Just be yourself but don't be over fasionable sangat. Buat sesuatu biar berpada-pada. Luv you.

Effa said...
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Anonymous said...

Yo Syafiq :)

So dat's wat it's all about huh? Hehe.

Biaselah, we're in an ALL-MALAY community. Lain sikit, dorg mengate. Mcm xde keje lain je.

But but but, I knw people's impression matters..but if i were you, sukati la how u wanna dress up rite.

I would care if MY frens yg mengate but those small peeps? Puh-leaseee. Ask them to get their own life la.

so yes, cheer up!

hilariouskozac said...

yeah..thanks nisa..what i wore was less that what i can do ryte nisa..

P O P S T A R said...

Walk in 6 inch heels in front of them..
lengang kangkung..
dress in like what they talk about..
padang sblah mata..
bitch! get a life! loser!
kibas rambut biar kene muke diorang..
blah dgn gaya catwalk gedik!
sumpah diorang xbrani cakp ape dah bro!

Arif Johari said...

they make ur life sooo miserable...
cmni la syafiq..
dun listen to them..
they r f-ing jealous..
thats all
be urself..
be fashionable
doctors like us are not just sthet and knee hammer,
doctors like us knows how to bring ourself so that we are not soo boring and dull like them kan..

hilariouskozac said...

to Popstar : yeah..hehe..bru diorng tau!

to Arif : thanks..i'll be myself..and yes i don't want to be boring like them..

naboonies said...

Aloo. Kozak. I sympathize sgt dgn ape yg berlaku. Mcm org lain kat ats ni ckp, biase la tu. Mulut manusia mmg x boleh tutup. Pelik sgt kat u pkai smpa org nk mengata. Tp mak mmg lgi suka pakaian pelik2 ni. Avant garde katenye.

Dah2.. it's ok skang aite. U know ur more fabulous than those ppl. Chin up gurl!

hilariouskozac said...

tuh la jeng..kaedahnye nk Avant Grande...harusla yg pelik kan...

lilious_superb said...

hey..i dun usually give comments as a first tym reader,
but since i hv experienced things lyk u last tym, well i rily wanto say just b bold n be urself as those ppl hv nothing to talk bout esp ppl who r fascinate them, u noe wat if u r talkin bout d snrs,yes they all r loosers esp in fashion!!!( i mean yg kutuk ppl tula..hehe)

btby,im ur super senior heheh
i dunno how i ended up being here guess blogsphere is such a small world.

glad that sumbody hv passion bout fashion here =) hope u dun mind dropping a comment here

lilious_superb said...

i mean, i drop a comment here out of nowhere

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