Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Sometimes we cannot please every poeple like many use to say. I do, sometime used to please a lot of people and in the end what do i get? i'm not pleased. There's a fact that i like to share about myself, i freaking hate liars. It's my nature and i like it that way. I bet lots of people hate liars right? So do me and i don't think it is a so-called-diva-attitude. I also do believe that sometimes, SOMETIMES, i do have diva-attitude and it happens when it comes to the certain people. Not all, but whoever happened to be the victim of it, i'm sorry cause it's hard to change that and it's my nature and i learn it from the best. (thanks to Kotok and Raja for that!) 

People talk back about me? I don't even bother. So what? I can't just go near them and shut their mouth. BUT, if they tell lies and i heard it, OMFG. You are wrong. You're messing up with me actually. If people talk something which is not true about you, of course you guys will be abso-fucking-lutely mad right? I have my limitation, but when its lies spreading about me?! It's personal ok! Like someone ask other people about yourself. It's personal and you just don't have the rights to ask other people about someone else. Likewise spreading something lies, and that what exactly 'someone' did to me! Btw, 'someone', who could believe you more? People knew you and they did they maths on you. So, i don't have to worry after what you did, people might not believe you except some of your so-called-closed friends.

It may sounds like i'm a 'queen' or something, cause only people try to please me, but hey, i do pleased people too! But, maybe the fact that i'm at least behaved better that you that it looks like i'm the one dominant. Sorry for that too, i can't help it! History tells everything. Learn from the history and hold back all your grudge 'someone' cause it might affect you back someday! 

Keep your friend close but keep your enemy closer! Ok, i'm gone to far already. That's all folk. Watch out for 'someone' people, it might haunt you one day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

student : alumni

I was in school last 3 years and sometime now, i felt i want to go back to school. I studied in Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Seremban (SDAR). During my school life, my life wasn't too hell and wasn't to heaven. I'm a very average student who broke few school rules and mostly obey to the rule, at least i try. When i was in school, from year to year i waited and monologued myself, when i'm going end this school, i really wish i could get out of the school as soon as possible. But, when i'm no longer a student in SDAR, i really miss those time in SDAR and my life as school student. Sometimes, when we were at school, we never appreciate those precious time in school where we do lots of thing that we really love and having perfect teachers to teach us and condusive accomodation to study. 

Memories in SDAR with my friends were most precious moment in my schooling phase. To be honest, i really miss that. Now, after 3 year being apart from school and my Zerodeuxsixs, i kinda missed them. I still remember during 12 January 2002 when we all registered in SDAR with the total of 153 and the number decreases from month to month until the end of 2004 only 137 were survived. A  huge number we lost but i still missed them the 'huge number'. I still know them and contacted them. 2005 was the new book in SDAR cause we were senior as in form 4, plus knowing SDAR's seniority was almost gone. We got new members of Zerodeuxsix which supposedly 16 were registered but only 8 and that number only few were survived. We were
 happy but unfortunately bad things happened and we lost 4 precious member of Zerodeuxsix. Kepong Amirul, Bachok and one more i can't remember (sorry for that). 2006 was the final year and we were really struggling to help each other and due to the love of each other to prove that we were not the batch that spoiled SDAR as administration's point of view. Admin see us with negative impression that our batch were bad enough to be in SDAR and we prove them wrong. We were strong enough to be among the top.

Victories of Zerodeuxsix that i'm proud of were, we were the Top School in PMR 2004. We, at least maintained the result of SPM not to have lots of failure even though we have but the person wasn't really in the school after all. We at least give a mark in the teachers' heart so that they'll felt loved and be cared off. We make perfect bondings with hte teachers, staff and all the population of SDAR. I dare to tell you that i know that most of the teachers missed those time when we were there. Still remeber the tulip for the teachers day, even though Malaysia has no tulip, but we did that for the teachers. Red and black themed Teachers' Day 2006. If that affect the teachers, it surely affect the student as well especially Zerodeuxsix who were in the final year in SDAR that time.

Now, i'm and EX-STUDENT of SDAR and i'm willing to help anything i could do to be at least part of the school. To helpt the teachers once were taugh
t us and without them i'm not going to be who i am now. So do others. Thanks to the teachers and let's together as alumni,we preserve the perfection of SDAR.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congratulation to SDAR Wind and Thanks to Kak Lin


feel good
for my junior for making thru the preliminary round and made it to the final..Congratulation and I'm happy for you guys....

as for Kak Lin.

thnaks for buying those which makes me really happy
and also for the lunch with those Aunties and Kak Awin..
Seriously it's my luck today that i had a free lunch at Kak Lin's House..
thanks again to Kak Lin,Kak Awin and that friendly and kind Aunties...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tribute to SDAR Symphonic Wind

Festival Wind Orchestra is just around the corner and this year i'm not in Malaysia to join them like previous year. This is sad for be since my batchmates are available to be there for them. So do the juniors will be there too.

I'm here just have to pray hard for them and wishing them good luck. May the happy returns to SDAR. SDAR Wind Orchestra was once among the best SBP Wind Orchestra teams. LAst year was a bad year that SDAR wasn't in the top 5 finalists, but i believe this year under instruction of Raja Muzafar and helped by Alumnis and teachers, SDAR Wind Orchestra will be among the top school back and they'll make it thru the final.

This year they are new and fresh players and played 2 repertoire by Franco Cesarini and Suhaimi Yaacub. I believe the combination of this 2 pieces can bring them strength and build up there confident to go through it. Provided that many Alumnis will be joining them giving the morale support to them and hoping the best for them.

This year was different from previous year because this year, Kotok 98'2 managed to gather as many alumni as he could to join them helping out the band to makesure our victory will be back and tremendous achievement will be brought back to SDAR. I wish them all the best and i'll pray hard for them to be in the final and managed to get place later on. May Allah bless SDAR Symphonic Band.

All the best and good luck to all of SC.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comme je m'inquiète ?

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens aiment trouver des problèmes avec moi. Est-ce que je suis trop aimable avec eux de sorte qu'ils puissent rattraper comme je suis leurs animaux familiers foutus ? Numéro. Juste ainsi vous connaissez des personnes, je suis le type le plus tolérant jamais mais parfois je peux être le plus mauvais. Ainsi n'essayez pas jamais de salir avec moi la cause que je rendrai votre vie foutue malheureuse beaucoup. Vous n'allez pas toujours simplement dire des mensonges comme si je t'ai donné une source de vous pas vraiment invité ou ce qui tellement jamais. Je déteste les personnes qui réellement utilisant mon nom et elle tournent vers le haut, non vraies. Vous savez quel ' bitch'  , vous êtes juste mon cent 50 et ne m'affectez pas du tout. Ayez besoin toujours de l'aide de moi organiser un fichu déjeuner dans l'intéret de Dieu. Vous n'avez pas au moins une peu de dignité et n'osez pas venu à moi et ne demandez pas mon aide après ce que vous avez fait. C'est une honte sur vous et je ne me sens pas comme aider plus. Je ne dirais pas que désolé pour cela quoique je vous aie dit que j'aiderai avant que mais je change d'avis maintenant. cassez-vous ainsi.

私は人々が私との問題をなぜ見つけるのを好むか理解しない。 私がとてもペットであるようにそれらができるように私は追い抜くにはそれらに余りにも親切であるか。 NO. ちょうどそう人々を知っている、私は最も耐久性がある人であるしかし時々私は最も悪くていい。 従って私と私があなたのとても生命を悲惨に非常にさせる原因を台なしにすることを試みてはいけない。 私が実際に誘われなかったあなたの源を与えたまたは何そうようにうそを言うことを単に行かない。 私は実際に私の名前およびそれを使用して出て来る本当人々を、憎む。 どんな'か知っている; bitch' 、ちょうど私の50セント、私に全然影響を与えない。 まだ私からの助けが神の為のためのいまいましい昼食を組織することを必要としなさい。 求めないためにしたことをの後で少なくとも少し威厳を持たないし、私に来られて敢えてしないし、ためにそして私の助けを。 それはあなたの恥であり、私はもう助けようという気がしない。 私は私が私が私の心を今変えるが、前に私が助ける言ったのにそれことをのために残念ことを言わない。 そう出ていきなさい。

Friday, April 10, 2009


i don't understand why.....
ok it's not about trend in IMS but the whole world, maybe.
u see...people lately into SLR cameras and whatever goes with it and the most common photo they took is 

and this,

and this again.

i wonder why they do this.

P/S: Sorry to use your photo Tengku Abul,Luqman Hakim and Cempaka. But u guys are the best example.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who's Pinocchio?

HAHA. Interesting.
People must be talking bout this blog lately ryte?
Why don't we all STOP TALKING about it, plus what he/she wrote wasn't pleasant at all, i guess. So, let's IGNORE IT.

Ok fine, i think what the person wrote, some of it make sense, but doesn't have to be that way. At least be a bit polite instead of being sarcastic, which most of us here hate it. I hate sarcasm, sorry but what can i do, it's nature.

The more we talk, the more he/she wrote. And i think people who did this must badly want to be famous of people talking bout this. He/She must be happy when this blog is being exposed and being a topic of a day. I bet Monday's dissection hall will be no ABSENTEEs as people grasping to know who is PINOCCHIO. Welcome Monday!

So, why don't we stop talking and pretend like he/she is nobody and just wait and see he/she reveal him/her self afterhe/she gets tired and boring when people is not talking about the blog anymore. SSSHHHHH................................

P/S: I'm not afraid to be the subject in his blog because i don't give a damn. But, doesn't mean i don't read. Just wait and see..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rs 30 or Rs 15

2nd April 2009.
As usual in the morning i'll go to college by auto with my housemate.
so do when we return but not everyday we went back home by auto and they usually charge us about Rs 30 or a lil' cheaper Rs 20 and if there's a "stupid" auto driver they'll use meter. If using metre, starting was Rs14 and the metre hardly increase, if it's increase, the increment will be ONLY Rs 1 or Rs 2. So the total will be Rs 15/Rs 16.

Rs 30 > Rs 20 > Rs 15

I repeat that, i always use the auto with my housemate,  but sometime when i ride it alone also they'll charge me with that price. Rs 30 charge, riding alone actually kinda expensive. but surprisingly today, i got it for Rs 15. Alone and i'm actually proud of it because i don't exactly know why. The truth is, i'm kinda envy with seniors leaving in Divya cause they always get low prices compared to us (me) who always got high prices as in that ranges above. 

High prices actually make me hate auto drives actually. HEHE. It's true. I still remember the first day when we use the auto to college, they charge us Rs 50 for God sake. It's Rs 50 people. FYI, Rs 50 can bring us to CS or MG Rd instead of just college. Conclusion is, I HATE AUTO but unfortunately if there's no auto how i'm supposed to go to college. =(

Auto oh Auto..............


This short yet meaningful (hopefully) post i would like to tribute it to my dear friend who just recovered from a 'disease'. Her name is Nur Hanisah Bt Mohd Kani. She was supposed to be here with us in Bangalore but due to her health condotion her parents decides to keep her at home so that she will fully recover. Now, she's fine but her mother thinks that it's the best for her not to be in Bangalore and maybe she'll be persuing Medical in local university. All i wish is, she'll get even better and she'll succeed one day as a doctor. 

She's the one in White shirt.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Bother So Much.

do u believe there's a Malay proverb which says " Panas sepanjang tahun,hujan sehari "
yeah they don't actually exist but i make it exist. It was my language teacher actually who actually used that and i think it's true. ' Panas sepanjang tahun, hujan sehari ' actually means that what ever we did the best people hardly saw, but when we do mistakes, people talks like they'll never stop.

Why care so much on people while our own feeling felt bad right? I wonder why i'm like this as in care about people so much till me myself get hurt. Don't they noticed i'm a human too and i do have feeling and in my case i'm sensitive. Call me childish, but it's my nature to be like this. I like to be pampered, felt loved and being sensitive. But when people that near me did something that hurts me i can easily get hurts. It's like a glass of goblet fell to the ground. Fragile.

To me, i can still except jokes in certain condition but not certainly when i'm not in the good mood.
What actually happens today was a bad day. I came with my intention to make jokes so that my heart feels better but it turns out to be bad as in REALLY bad mood. I do make lots of things to people. Wanna eat, i cook. wanna use my laptop, i give. ask me to do this and that, i did. But what do i get in return?

I did dissection mostly every week. I did it because i want to and there's no one else who really care to do that, and so i did it. I never complaint why you people didn't do dissection and always be me who did it. I NEVER tell them that, but oneday i didn't finished my dissection and they cannot see the structure underlying, it they put blame on me. If you were me, don't you actually hurt? We the one who always did somthing to please others and never be appreciated. For people like me, sensitive, i'm honestly hurt. Where have you been when i dissect? Why don't you dissect in the first place? How people can questioned my integrity of being there to dissect while others reading books?  

I think from now on, i'm not going to bother what other people do anymore. I care for people so much and do they care about me? i'll be here if people need me and i'll be there if they appreciate as i appreciate them.
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