Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Bother So Much.

do u believe there's a Malay proverb which says " Panas sepanjang tahun,hujan sehari "
yeah they don't actually exist but i make it exist. It was my language teacher actually who actually used that and i think it's true. ' Panas sepanjang tahun, hujan sehari ' actually means that what ever we did the best people hardly saw, but when we do mistakes, people talks like they'll never stop.

Why care so much on people while our own feeling felt bad right? I wonder why i'm like this as in care about people so much till me myself get hurt. Don't they noticed i'm a human too and i do have feeling and in my case i'm sensitive. Call me childish, but it's my nature to be like this. I like to be pampered, felt loved and being sensitive. But when people that near me did something that hurts me i can easily get hurts. It's like a glass of goblet fell to the ground. Fragile.

To me, i can still except jokes in certain condition but not certainly when i'm not in the good mood.
What actually happens today was a bad day. I came with my intention to make jokes so that my heart feels better but it turns out to be bad as in REALLY bad mood. I do make lots of things to people. Wanna eat, i cook. wanna use my laptop, i give. ask me to do this and that, i did. But what do i get in return?

I did dissection mostly every week. I did it because i want to and there's no one else who really care to do that, and so i did it. I never complaint why you people didn't do dissection and always be me who did it. I NEVER tell them that, but oneday i didn't finished my dissection and they cannot see the structure underlying, it they put blame on me. If you were me, don't you actually hurt? We the one who always did somthing to please others and never be appreciated. For people like me, sensitive, i'm honestly hurt. Where have you been when i dissect? Why don't you dissect in the first place? How people can questioned my integrity of being there to dissect while others reading books?  

I think from now on, i'm not going to bother what other people do anymore. I care for people so much and do they care about me? i'll be here if people need me and i'll be there if they appreciate as i appreciate them.


Iqbal said...

x pe, aku ade kat blakang ko.
Aku paham...

hilariouskozac said...

thanks iqbal for understanding...

Arif Johari said...

what happen..
ppl doesn't appreciate u..
i kinda understand..
dun be sad okay.
juz be whoever u want to be..

afiq Sayuti said...

i always be with any of u
seru je nama 3kali yek hehe


anda harus tabah... saya faham dan saya sendiri pernah mengalami nasib seakan-akan anda. bagi saya sekiranya kebaikan yang dilakukan dengan hati yang ikhlas insyaALLAH good thing come along.

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