Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tribute to SDAR Symphonic Wind

Festival Wind Orchestra is just around the corner and this year i'm not in Malaysia to join them like previous year. This is sad for be since my batchmates are available to be there for them. So do the juniors will be there too.

I'm here just have to pray hard for them and wishing them good luck. May the happy returns to SDAR. SDAR Wind Orchestra was once among the best SBP Wind Orchestra teams. LAst year was a bad year that SDAR wasn't in the top 5 finalists, but i believe this year under instruction of Raja Muzafar and helped by Alumnis and teachers, SDAR Wind Orchestra will be among the top school back and they'll make it thru the final.

This year they are new and fresh players and played 2 repertoire by Franco Cesarini and Suhaimi Yaacub. I believe the combination of this 2 pieces can bring them strength and build up there confident to go through it. Provided that many Alumnis will be joining them giving the morale support to them and hoping the best for them.

This year was different from previous year because this year, Kotok 98'2 managed to gather as many alumni as he could to join them helping out the band to makesure our victory will be back and tremendous achievement will be brought back to SDAR. I wish them all the best and i'll pray hard for them to be in the final and managed to get place later on. May Allah bless SDAR Symphonic Band.

All the best and good luck to all of SC.


naboonies said...

Hear hear for your hope! I too wish I could be there and give support in any little way that I could. Alas, distance and time separate us greatly.

Looking forward to hearing/ watching their performance! (I saw the in-studio rehearsal at Facebook though, I'll say not bad; there is a lot of room for improvement I'm sure, just send my best regards to them and hope they will work harder achieving the optimal musical quality)

XO Jenglot

firdaus hani osman said...

gudluck for SDAR too:)

i was also an orchestra player previously and know how important this competition is=)so,again..goodluck!

Xyna said...

Hye too feel so bad for not being able to be there supporting them. Miss being with the SDAR team in the final. Btw, nxt year SDAR will again be the host!! Join us, give us helping hands!

hilariouskozac said...

seriuosly? yeay..i really like sdar being the host again...i'll try my best to caome and help..and i miss you and sdar badly...i'll visit sdar on may..wait for me tho~

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