Monday, April 20, 2009

student : alumni

I was in school last 3 years and sometime now, i felt i want to go back to school. I studied in Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Seremban (SDAR). During my school life, my life wasn't too hell and wasn't to heaven. I'm a very average student who broke few school rules and mostly obey to the rule, at least i try. When i was in school, from year to year i waited and monologued myself, when i'm going end this school, i really wish i could get out of the school as soon as possible. But, when i'm no longer a student in SDAR, i really miss those time in SDAR and my life as school student. Sometimes, when we were at school, we never appreciate those precious time in school where we do lots of thing that we really love and having perfect teachers to teach us and condusive accomodation to study. 

Memories in SDAR with my friends were most precious moment in my schooling phase. To be honest, i really miss that. Now, after 3 year being apart from school and my Zerodeuxsixs, i kinda missed them. I still remember during 12 January 2002 when we all registered in SDAR with the total of 153 and the number decreases from month to month until the end of 2004 only 137 were survived. A  huge number we lost but i still missed them the 'huge number'. I still know them and contacted them. 2005 was the new book in SDAR cause we were senior as in form 4, plus knowing SDAR's seniority was almost gone. We got new members of Zerodeuxsix which supposedly 16 were registered but only 8 and that number only few were survived. We were
 happy but unfortunately bad things happened and we lost 4 precious member of Zerodeuxsix. Kepong Amirul, Bachok and one more i can't remember (sorry for that). 2006 was the final year and we were really struggling to help each other and due to the love of each other to prove that we were not the batch that spoiled SDAR as administration's point of view. Admin see us with negative impression that our batch were bad enough to be in SDAR and we prove them wrong. We were strong enough to be among the top.

Victories of Zerodeuxsix that i'm proud of were, we were the Top School in PMR 2004. We, at least maintained the result of SPM not to have lots of failure even though we have but the person wasn't really in the school after all. We at least give a mark in the teachers' heart so that they'll felt loved and be cared off. We make perfect bondings with hte teachers, staff and all the population of SDAR. I dare to tell you that i know that most of the teachers missed those time when we were there. Still remeber the tulip for the teachers day, even though Malaysia has no tulip, but we did that for the teachers. Red and black themed Teachers' Day 2006. If that affect the teachers, it surely affect the student as well especially Zerodeuxsix who were in the final year in SDAR that time.

Now, i'm and EX-STUDENT of SDAR and i'm willing to help anything i could do to be at least part of the school. To helpt the teachers once were taugh
t us and without them i'm not going to be who i am now. So do others. Thanks to the teachers and let's together as alumni,we preserve the perfection of SDAR.



Xyna said...

We have been talking a lot about you all lately..miss everybody of batch 2006!

Iqbal said...

Sama la kita...

Iqbal said...

usya la blog aku plak...
aku citer perjuangan aku kat SDAR pulak...

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