Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Sometimes we cannot please every poeple like many use to say. I do, sometime used to please a lot of people and in the end what do i get? i'm not pleased. There's a fact that i like to share about myself, i freaking hate liars. It's my nature and i like it that way. I bet lots of people hate liars right? So do me and i don't think it is a so-called-diva-attitude. I also do believe that sometimes, SOMETIMES, i do have diva-attitude and it happens when it comes to the certain people. Not all, but whoever happened to be the victim of it, i'm sorry cause it's hard to change that and it's my nature and i learn it from the best. (thanks to Kotok and Raja for that!) 

People talk back about me? I don't even bother. So what? I can't just go near them and shut their mouth. BUT, if they tell lies and i heard it, OMFG. You are wrong. You're messing up with me actually. If people talk something which is not true about you, of course you guys will be abso-fucking-lutely mad right? I have my limitation, but when its lies spreading about me?! It's personal ok! Like someone ask other people about yourself. It's personal and you just don't have the rights to ask other people about someone else. Likewise spreading something lies, and that what exactly 'someone' did to me! Btw, 'someone', who could believe you more? People knew you and they did they maths on you. So, i don't have to worry after what you did, people might not believe you except some of your so-called-closed friends.

It may sounds like i'm a 'queen' or something, cause only people try to please me, but hey, i do pleased people too! But, maybe the fact that i'm at least behaved better that you that it looks like i'm the one dominant. Sorry for that too, i can't help it! History tells everything. Learn from the history and hold back all your grudge 'someone' cause it might affect you back someday! 

Keep your friend close but keep your enemy closer! Ok, i'm gone to far already. That's all folk. Watch out for 'someone' people, it might haunt you one day!

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