Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everyday is a Mother's Day

Everyday is a Mother's Day.

I opened a link thru my teacher's blog, and it's about a boy named Fikri jaafar who lost his Mum and a sister in a car accident near LRT Jelatek last 2nd of May. This news touches my heart and made me realized that i always put my mum on granted. When i have chance to be with my mum i never realized that. Not that i don't love my mum, but, it's how i treated her. Now, i would say Alhamdulillah that i still have a mum and i love her so much. I love my family and i would die to protect my family. Here's a video i received a link from my friend thru facebook and i would like to dedicate this to my beloved mum and all mom all over the world. I LOVE YOU MUM.

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