Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Happy Returns 2

Today,t's already tuesday which means my vacation left about a few days..31st of May i'll be back to India and have to study really hard to face the 3rd Internal Exam. 

I felt that i don't have enough rest and vacation. I wanted to have longer vacation so that i can spend my time with family and friends more. Last week, i went to KL and Seremban to visit my friend and a short tour to SDAR,my alma mater. How i wish i could turn back time. I miss all the reminiscent of SDAR that i've felt before.

I meet my junior who are now grow older and even taller than me. The classes were beautiful and clean. The band were improving a lot. Faiq and Izzat were different. Izzat who are passion in archery now have stop playing it due to focus in study since he's now form 5. As for Faiq, he's a prefect and most probably will be the Head Boy next year,InsyaAllah.

The Teachers too, there are many of the teachers i rarely know,because most of them are new teachers. Mr Yazid now is the Head of Department of Maths and Science. Sensei Mariana is the Library Co-ordinator. Madam Zainah now teaching what she's expert about,accountacy.

SDAR now are lots different and wish that difference will bring many happy returns to SDAR in term of academic and co-curricular. 

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Xyna said...

Still missing u..

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