Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is that brain?

ok, this is so boring, so i post an entry about a brain. 
I have a brain. Do you?
I know lots of people (except for medical student,of course) don't really have the guts touch a brain and touch it with bare hands. Learning medicine is interesting with that actually. Telling people that i touch the cadaver with my bare hand and people will react..


"mcm mane makan,x geli ke?"

"beraninye awak."

ok, here's he anwsers for all the reactions.

1. a cadaver and sh*t, which one grost?
2. Wih my hand and of corse i washed it for God sake.
3. And yes,i have to be brave anyways,ryte?

What is it feels to have a brain in your hand?
It's wow, and wow. You actually can touch the gyri and sulci on it. Covered by the meningeal layer. See the arteries and veins. Saggital section, you'll see ventricles, and many other tiny things. 
Inferior veiw of brain

the temporal lobe and Slyvian sulcus

corpus callosum

brain covered by meninges.

removing the brain.

So,do you have the guts now?

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