Friday, May 22, 2009

a week in malaysia

ok,there's another 1 week to go and now i'm in KL for shopping and meeting some friends..ouh,time fly faster than i thought. Anyways, today Iqbal's mum made a homemade nasi lemak which was sooooo delicious,seriuosly,no doubt. 

We watched a midnite movie Angel & Demon at Pavillion. Thanks to Kotok who was the mastermind behind this. 

Kotok ------> "uols,nk tgk midnite movie x? Angel & Demon?"
Nizar ------> "Voley for 4 of us!"

It was superb and seriously it's a must to watch. I rated it 5 star. The movie ended at 2.56am something if not mistaken. Then Kotok dragged us to a mamak for a late supper and the crap talks begins. From the movie review to some old time memoirs. It was awesome tonight. 

Tomorrow is another day and next venue will be at Kotok's place. Planning to go uptown for dinner,but we'll see. As for me and Iqbal, i'll accompany him to renew his simcard then we'll headed to Midvalley maybe. Or we'll be at Low Yat for and interesting stuff.

Ouh,it feels good to be in Malaysia and how i wish what's here to be in Bangalore. Looking forward for the day after tomorrow and next week as Small Reunion of SDARA TT 0206.
hehe =)

*hails to holidays*


naboonies said...

Nak ikut jugak! Benci. Kozak u balik India bile?

hilariouskozac said...

31st may..hehehe so sad~

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