Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Week

i was in SDAR for a few days to pay a visit for the band juniors. Well, of course i'm excited. After a great thursday and friday i had and a sleepover at Kotok's. On saturday, i arrived in SDAR and too bad that i didn't have the chance to meet all the teachers because they were busy with Shabery Cheek was coming and all. Went out with Hazwan,Iqbal,Daniel and Baloo to Jusco for movie. Came back to SDAR and watched the juniors  practise.

Ouh G, you know what, i actually love when they were practising. They played several repertoire such as Ocean Ridge Rhapsody, Golden Festival Overture, Rangkaian Lagu Melayu and Bulgarian Dances even though some of it they plyed just for tuning. That's all reminds me about 2006. TKC played Ocean Ridge Rhapsody that year. They've improved a lots and really hope they can make it this year. 

Meeting with adeks. Ouh sweet. At least they still remember me and so do i. Having a tiny conversation about they life in SDAR, what's up being seniors and all. I've been missing them like a year and Faiq grow taller that me now. Izzat being a dedicated prefect.

Nights with Muiz,Ma'min, Payat, Azrul, Adli, Muaz, Akram and all banders was a happy moment. Too bad that Raja wasn;t there, if he were there,it must be a lot of fun together like Percutian Kak Zah. Hopefully before i fly back to India, i would be able to catch up with Raja. Been missing him like ages. 

Hopefully i'll be able to meet them again after this.

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