Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rs 30 or Rs 15

2nd April 2009.
As usual in the morning i'll go to college by auto with my housemate.
so do when we return but not everyday we went back home by auto and they usually charge us about Rs 30 or a lil' cheaper Rs 20 and if there's a "stupid" auto driver they'll use meter. If using metre, starting was Rs14 and the metre hardly increase, if it's increase, the increment will be ONLY Rs 1 or Rs 2. So the total will be Rs 15/Rs 16.

Rs 30 > Rs 20 > Rs 15

I repeat that, i always use the auto with my housemate,  but sometime when i ride it alone also they'll charge me with that price. Rs 30 charge, riding alone actually kinda expensive. but surprisingly today, i got it for Rs 15. Alone and i'm actually proud of it because i don't exactly know why. The truth is, i'm kinda envy with seniors leaving in Divya cause they always get low prices compared to us (me) who always got high prices as in that ranges above. 

High prices actually make me hate auto drives actually. HEHE. It's true. I still remember the first day when we use the auto to college, they charge us Rs 50 for God sake. It's Rs 50 people. FYI, Rs 50 can bring us to CS or MG Rd instead of just college. Conclusion is, I HATE AUTO but unfortunately if there's no auto how i'm supposed to go to college. =(

Auto oh Auto..............


Anonymous said...

go get a bike lah.

Anonymous said...

Autorickshaw drivers are all sinners. They will burn.

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