Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll..
barbie doll is everywhere in the world and girls adore them like hell.
yeah, admitted that it's cute and pretty.
i've seen a lot of design of Barbie Doll with variety of fashion clothing.
Nite gowns, picnic-mood-dress, fairy-tale ball gown and more..
what i haven't seen was Barbie in SAREE and finally in india i found it.

for me, it's a disaster but it's ok i don't actually adore them. so WTH...
so here the photo of the Barbie Doll i found it last Thursday when i accompany Ikre to Reliance TimeOut. Cheers to Barbie Doll and all it's lovers!~


Anonymous said...

actually,byk lagi je barbie in saree.even in kurta pun byk.kt mg road.aku baru je tgk td.

LinA Shabbir said...

cm scary jer. tp unik.

kutojimedo said...

haha kozac
here in egypt
ade barbie pakai tudung tau!
kelakar gile
kat india pakai saree
kat egypt pakai tudung

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