Sunday, March 22, 2009

23 Mohd.

it took me so long to do this but i finally did. Last 20th March was my brother's birthday ( Mohd Shazuan). I remembered and really wish i could call but due to lackness on ISD,so i refuse to. But i'll dedicate this post for him as he is not big and 23 years old. People used to said, 'One year older, and one year smarter." I wish him that too.

2nd Mohd 20 years difference

Actually, there's one thing i cried about was, the note he wrote in Facebook and it touched me and make me realized that we are siblings and will always be. Having a thought of the past of what came across between us, the quarelling, the fight and stuff,it makes me feel so childish. Deep in my heart i love my sibling and hate it when we fight. I still remember the day when he fight with the first Mohd like real fight and my father have to calm them down. I was pissed off looking at them because they dragged my father into the fight and knowing my father having hypertension and heart disease. After the scene, my heart filled with lots of hatred towards him.   
I really wish all those past won't be back in our home. He wrote that he wants to be better person and Wan, i know mum and dad always love you the most because of who you are. Happy Birthday! May Allah Bless you.

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