Saturday, March 14, 2009

india : best place for medical course

wondering why i said that?
yes, last thursday, i had a practical exam after done with it, i had some time talking to one of the tutor, Ms Meghna Nadiger. She was a medical students once and now teaching us practicals.
I asked her how to study physiology ( cause she was tutoring physiology practicals) and she said that read,read and read. Then, it will be stored nicely in our frontal lobe. I saw a MCQ papers she was holding and i asked her about it, she answered that she is attending an exam which she needs to score well. I wonder why, and it's because if she got it wrong 1/4 of the total 1 marks on each questio will be deducted and she refuse to accept that because, for her, it's a waste while she actually can gain mark if it's true instead of losing marks.

I have this thought, IF our mcqs were like that, i'll be doomed. ironically, she was a Ramaiah College student and she got distinction during her first year medical course and i was like...OH-MEE-GOD! that's super cool ok! while i was still crawling to get a pass...PASS not really distinction. Medical in india is the best i said because of it's system itself i guess. You see, we even can have experience to touch a cadaver in the first year while in Europe hardly to get this opporturnity, so we got the experience to approach a real body and that makes it's more to practical. Not that i suggest we lack of theory, in fact we all were insufficient of holidays while in 4 seasons country that offers medic, 3 month of holiday for summer, which make we have whole day in a week for theory classes.

But , the student will definitely suffer like hell to read and cover up for the whole week, and that explains the no-life-term in medical student. But, stated here that i do have life ok!

I and a few friends also do get some advices from her...KEY TO SUCCESS
- Read up
- Pay attention in Class
- Read up.

Simple, but it's worth it.Yeah, i forget to mention Ms Meghna is a daughter of our Biochemistry Lecturer ( Mr Nadiger) who was once a lecturer in USM,Kubang Kerian. Mr Nadiger live in Malaysia for 10 years and Ms Meghna was in Malaysia for 1 one and a half years there, so they can speak Malay language.

Finally, i'm a free man now..I've just done with all the practicals exam and theory as well and 2nd Internal Assesment is OVER! and i'm feeling good about it!


IRA said...

totally agree! blaja medic in india sgt torturous compared to those yg blaja kat tmpat2 lain rasenye! oh perkataan read up tu akan jd sgt annoying bile every lecturer pon nk sebut bende yg same! hahahaha have a blast okay!

lynawan said...

*angkat tgn*
sy ingin membuat pembetulan sikit di sini.
we also work with cadaver in our labs.
just that we start dissecting in summer sem insted of winter sem and when we asked why don't we have labs with cadaver everyday.
we got an explaination.
because we r obeying the europe standard of exposure to chemicals (the case here:formalin)

sidra khan said...

Good job man! Universitie offering medical course in philippines

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