Sunday, March 8, 2009


me at the 20ft high

this is Heavenly Lime - 20 Ft High

today is Sunday and YESTERDAY was Saturday.
It was like a normal Saturday i had before the exam week.
I woke up and my stomach is aching and it's the sign of hungriness.
My housemate kindly asked me what to eat for lunch and spontenously i said NO,while the fact that my stomach was actually begging for food. I ignored it due to no reason.

Later, i asked Ilham to go out somewhere to have lunch because i was just torturing my
 stomach. He said yes and so do Ikre when i asked him. When it came to the place where we wanted to eat, it's a disaster when the fact that i've had enough with all the food either in Relish or Kubera. Note that Casino was not in my list due to it's expensiveness which i think the prices were way too expensive and not worth it for me. It's freakin' same and lame and sometime i rather not to eat than eating the same food. uhu, told ya, it ws tough and firstly i was thinking to eat somewhere at the B.E.L Rd, but Ikre having the same issue which our stomach are not able
 to swallow anything around B.E.L Rd and he came up with and idea which was The Donut Bakers. 

Thanks to the technology that we find a placed called Malleswaram and i knew it wasn't far from out apartment. So i browse thru the net for The Donut Bakers around there and aha, there we find one. It says that it is in the 14th Cross,Next to Pizza Corner,Malleswaram. So, by 4.00 pm we headed there after sending Syawal to Pratam. We reached the 14th Cross and i was like, ok! now we need to browse the road for the Donut Bakers. I can't really remember the exact address actually due to short-term-memory. All the way when we walked along the road, we saw the Pizza Corner and suddenly my head recalled back what was there on the laptop screen saying it was next to pizza corner.

Hungrily, we walked up the hill (there was a little hill) and saw The Donut Bakers...halfway, we all having the second thought and deciced to go for PIZZA. See, making decision wasn't that hard actually and we all happily went inside and ordered. Does it HALAL? came the part where Ikre plays the part. He called Zula and confirmed it while we've already ordered omething to eat. Luckily it was Halal. The pizza wasn't as good as Malaysian Pizza Hut but Ok fine i need to accept that the fact that i'm in INDIA.

a piece of pizza from pizza Corner

After done all the eating and got paid. We all get the hell out of there and i took a photo shoot of the Pizza Corner and also the Donut Bakers.

the place we supposed to go instead of Pizza Corner

Not till there, we headed home and Solat and 8.00pm, we headed to M.G Rd for dinner. You see when a stomach had a special treatment, we even got to M.G Rd for God sake just to have a dinner. It's 20 ft High. On the way, we met with Adam and Kak Nana and we all were screaming like hell. HAHA. what a lucky day! I ate Chicken Fillet, Ilham ate lamb chop while Ikre ate Chicken Saslick...I would say my course was not as good as Ikre and Ilham, but the rice it cool and great. But, who cares and whatever. As long as i had a great food for the day i'm ok with it.



sRuGgle!! said... i remember it was you at the 20 ft height last time...

my fav place :)

try soul, n bangalore bistro too...nice place to be..

hilariouskozac said...

hehe..ouh thanks for the info~

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