Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wish A "Wake Up Call"

people say,
time flies,but i wish i could stop the time.
but i wish i could.
looking around.
its almost significantly i've been here in the oversea for about a month now.
Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry.
plus Community Medicine.

most of the day were hectic and tiring.
its medic life as i expected.
its true that dissecting is cool.
its fun to dissect while mostly other medical student in other country dont even have this chance.
the more we see during dissection,the morewe need to absorb.
i wish i could be like Sponge Bob that i could absorb whatever i read, hear and see.
once again. I WISH.

now its in the end of november and december is waiting to shine its sunlight.
knowing that by 15-19th of December our first Internal Assesment will be held.
i wish i could turn the time so that i could revise all those taught in the lecture hall been absorbed easily. All i need now it a motivation and a wake up call. Senior once told us that its important to score the First IA,so that we'll be ease during the final far that i could belive this? I HAVE TO BELIEVE.

do i still have time?
YES. during this kind of situation, i still have time.So SYAFIQ DON'T GIVE UP!
utilize your time properly and you'll make through it. i hope so.
plus in the same time there's been lots of going on here. Everyday, every minutes people are talking. i wish i can stop but i can't but i have to try.
people called me by "named" but do i care? HELL NO!
remember it's one of many obstacles you need to go thru Syafiq!

and finally...

i miss my family,mum,dad,wan,akir
i miss my home
i miss my bed
i miss my quarel with my brothers
i miss my nephews and nieces
i miss my best friends
i miss my zerodeuxsix
i miss malaysia..............

even though they all are now here but i know they all will always be in my heart and support me from there. it's the wake up call and i'm here to be a doctor. so be one!

Bonne Chance.


zera said...

shafik..dont give up..i know u can do it..wish u a lot of lux..ganbatte!!!

naboonies said...

Oh. the first year drama. been there done that. all i can say is never give up! enjoy every bit of time to learn and learn! it's not impossible kozac!

Anonymous said...

erm, kn best kalau smlm kau ade. xpe, kozac. keep up a good work. best of luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck adik;).surely u can do it!

hilariouskozac said...

to zera + naboonies = thanks a lot for the support..

to Faten = haah,kan best kalo ak pon ade time tu...

to Kak Lin = thanks kak lin..i'll need ur support too..hope u can show me some guidance..

A Mum Of Three Mohd said...

Missing someone is a normal thing but to be what you want to be is a different thing.... It needs a lot of effort and hard work. So be strong and WORK for it. InsyaAllah you can do it. As your mother...... my 'doa' is always with you. Though far apart, you are always in my heart. Luv and miss you too!

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