Sunday, November 2, 2008

India,a city of spice Part I

hello folks..
its been a long time not updated,well here i am..
arrive in Bengaluru International Airport on the 11th of Oct 2008.

at first i was reluctant that i was in India. Not that i'm not grateful but it feels different to be in other country nd be apart from my family. And not to forget, i would like to thanks to all my friends who made it to the airport including tenuk and geng. As for other Zerodeuxsix who can't manage to come its ok..u guys mustve a good reason for not coming.

Back to our story, India, a City of Spice..
it was cool when we arrive there..breezy. I think its cooler than Malaysia obviously.
The next day we were brought to go shopping to complete our home.. i live in a penthouse in Divya Landmark. It was big for 7 of us to live in. at this apartment they got this swimming pool,which is so damn cool.

college..we had an orientation here in Bangalore with the seniors and they helped us a lot with books,house,stove, and even a small matter like food. hanks to the seniors and really appreciate it. we've open a bank account called Vijaya Bank. and the class started last week and all of it are 3 subject total. Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. The 3rd day lecture we've already dissected a cadever according to table. we were divided into 8 group. Each group have their own cadaver and luckily my group got a thin cadaver. Thin cadaver is easier to cut off rather than fat cadaver coz they have a thick superficial fascia. Lecturers all are kind and good. even though some of the lecturers are young and looks like fresh graduates, they taught us without using books at all..they'll have it all in their mind and thats was the coolest part of them. Surprisingly, one of the lecturer even still reading comics in One Manga,isn't that cool!!

my life here + shopping..
hehe..i kinda like this part actually..well the first shopping mall i went was The Forum. it was nothing.then we went to Brigade Road and M.G was like i was finally breathing..the boutique were like bersepah tepi jalan. u'll fine Hilfiger on ur right,Pepe Jeans a bit in front, Levi's Square, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Puma and lots more there... i wasnt expecting those kind of bpoutique to be scattered there and each of the boutique was damn big..there were also Commercial Street(CS) were it is similarly like the Jalan TAR in Malaysia. we can bargain to get lower prices even on electrical goods. Not far from CS, there's Richard Square where u can find many metal and plastic goods and obviously we cn bargain...if at the supermarket, a dozen of hanger is Rs120 = RM 10, in Richard Square u can get like Rs80..plastic good are sooooo expensive here.... then we have Garuda Mall, where u'll find Esprit, Mark & Spencer and some other boutique..but some of it are quite outdated.Sorry to say tho~
over all its fine and liking it..i'll get use to it. Some of it are reasonable prices but some of it were out of mind. One more thing, Loreal for Men, if in Malaysia u can get at RM18,but in India the price is Rs550 = nearly RM50...

all i can say is its cool..because its near to winter India, they have 3 season that are Monsoon,Winter and Summer. Now its end of monsoon nk masuk its gonna be cool...i shall say im searching plenty of mafla now...hehhe =) i'll upload some pixies later in the second part..

p/s: part II will be only pixies~
have a nice day...


zera said...

xsabar nk tgk pic shafiq kat india..hee...jgn buh gmbo mayat lak..huu..seram...anyway..take care shafiq..n one u thng u must noe..ur bro actually luv u n mish u damn much..only dat..they are too ego to admit it..huu..

dumplings and pau said...

u od HAVE plenty of mafla.


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