Sunday, November 16, 2008


last week on wednesday.

as usual we all rushed to the dissection hall for the dissection session.
the mood was there but still doing the same part.

start wearing gloves and hold the dissection kit.
blunt forcep.
then came Madam Rai explaining the day before explaination.
she started to cut our cadaver's muscle and stuff.

motive : to show us the tendon and attachment of the hip bone and the femur.
finally found it.

turn the cadaver's body back.
motive : to see the acticulation of the hip bone and femur posteriorly.
she cut the quadratus femoris to show us the capsule of the hip joint.

she ask us to identify the appearance there and she moved to other table.

we started to do for the other leg.
then came Dr. Rao

explaining bout the hip joint and ask us to detached the femur and the hip bone.
he asked me to cut off the capsule and the synovial fluid was released. it's a wow.

action : immediately stop and wash my hand!

continued by ain.
it's thick.
the capsule.
finally the capsule was opened and detached.
what we found was.........

its a fake head of femur.
it alloy.

result : i think this is the coolest dissection ever. we found a cadaver that have an alloy head of femur.

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