Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a week i had.

wow, last week, i told my friend to check their facebook on saturday,go out on sunday and they'll know on monday. But, too bad that on Sunday night, they did gave me a surprise. I nearly made a cake on my head due to eggs and flour they throw to me.

Well, last Monday was my birthday and it was the first time my birthday with eggs and flour. For the rest of my life even in SDAR, everytime it was my birthday, it was school holiday and my friend don't even have time to surprise like what i had this year.

Even last year, when i was in Shah Alam, my birthday, they were not there, but this year was different and i finally had a joy of eggs and flour. I don't really expected that it could happen because Afiq (Jehan) came to my house and asking for Biochem Record book and i was like, "what the hell with this guy...Amek je la kt rak tu.." But, due to my high sense of bad things, i knew that he wanna break an egg on my head because it was my birthday. I straight away ran away outside as if he's alone, once i reach outside, there were lots of people holding me back from running away. And "pekkkk" there, few of eggs hit my body and flour as well. I screamed as loud as i could like a crazy ass. HAHA.

After all, i finally felt the feeling how to be thrown eggs on my body. It was like hell, but still there's sill people remember my birthday and that's where the part i'm touched.

Anyways, thanks to all of the people that wishes me even though some of them was late, but still, they even wish right? Thanks a lot for making my birthday a happy moment and don't forget to bring presentS next time ok!

A special thanks to my housemates that they even made delicious foods and superb cheese cake that was definitely thoughtful. Thanks a lot.

*hugs and kisses*


Anonymous said...

dude, happy belated birthday! soryy for the late wish, been very busy with the classes and tests. may u have prosperous days ahead, and semoga pjg umo too. :)

hilariouskozac said...

thanks tenurq~

naboonies said...

Oh.. happy birthday Kozak!!! Best tak kena telur? Merasa je aku....Ok see ya.I'm so in the middle of final exam now :(

Berfikir Sejenak said...

Kotok... ko datang sdar masa aritu tak jumpa aku ek!!!!! Takpe takpe....

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