Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd June and 20th July

my Tok Mak

my Tok

Last month i was shocked by the news, my Tok Mak passed away and now,on 20th July, my beloved Tok just passed away and i'm here in India staying alone and couldn't have the chance to kiss her, to hug her, to look at her, to take care of her, to accompany her in the hospital, to held her for the last time.

This year wouldn't be the same as last year.
Last year I celebrated my raya with both of my grandma alive, but this year i won't be the same.
Both of my grandma already gone to meet Allah ,The most Gracious.

Everyday i sat and pray that may Allah give her the strenght to stay a bit longer until i could see her for the last time, but Allah loves her more. My mum is worried that i may not concerntrate of my exam by the new and planning to keep it until my exams are over. Luckily today and tomorrow i don't have exam and i got the news from my brother.

Tok, even though i couldn't have the chance to take care of you, i couldn't hug you, i couldn't kiss yuo, i couldn't stay with you in the hospital, i couldn't see you for the final time, but deep in my heart i always love and going to miss you alot Tok. May Allah put Tok and Tok Mak among the Soleh and Solelah.


'@qilah said...

innalillah hiwainna ilaihirajiun....
takziah syafiq...kuatkan fhm...allah lbh sygkan mereka...sbgi cucu,kite hanye mampu utk mndoakan ksjhteraan mereka je...ape2 pun,ingat pesan dorg..nak syafiq,tunaikan...jgn lmh ur best..u can do it!

A.Khairul said...

you have my condolence kotox... all the best for ur exam too...u can do it!!

anish said...

sabar k :)

blog hopping je ni
suke la ur blog name

Effa said...

my deepest condolence kozac...

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