Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's for u effa

well, this is a special post i wanna dedicate to my dear friend who are leaving for Newcastle tomorrow night. His name is Azree Amrun but we used to call him Effa. It's been very long time being with you as friend. A bestfriend in fact.

And tomorrow you are leaving and we all gonna really missed you. You've been a very supportive, friendly, caring, patient, helpful, kind and many other words that's can describe who you really are.

You'll not going to be around with us anymore ho hang out together, sleepover, mid night movies, staying up with juniors, guys night out, merdeka countdown. But, you know something, we might be able to meet up actually. So, don't worry too much and since Aqeem is going to London, so i guess, for me, he's the centre place to met up maybe. [better take note,ok, Telo] And i choose London is not because of you-know-what, if you know what i mean.

I writing this because i'll have no time, since planned have been made for this few week. So, have fun there and we'll catch up later and do send me your phone number once you reached there. Bon Voyage and bestfriends for eternity.

p/s: still meeting you tomorrow ok. don't worry i'll be there.


Effa said...

name die Azree Amrun tp panggil effa.

nama saye Hayfaa, orang panggil saya Effa jugak. :P


iyllienaz said...

bro..he is akmal amrun's brother ryte??u really close with him huh??

hilariouskozac said...

hha..yup effa..

and sys, his bro is Akmal..knal ke akmal tu?

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