Thursday, June 12, 2008

hols review

fers of all my hols starts 23rd May 2008 and will soon end.
the first thing i did when i reached home is switch on my laptop and start surfing.

internet - what i search for was OMG,you guys should thank to whoever did the web,it's awesome..i watch lots of movies,dramas n videos. some of 'em were Seputeh Qaseh Ramadhan,Mama,Kerenah Mertuaku,Virgin,Cahaya Hati. next, i update my people's blogs.Friendster,Myspace,Zerodeuxsix,YM,download movies..and many more. not that all, i also made video tribute to SSP Band and SDAR Band..well SDARians and SSPians can seek in youtube labes as 'Miss Saigon Medley' and 'Starflash'. as i'm gonna organize a slumber party this friday i tot to save my money on DVDs, i try to download few new-released-movies like The Nanny Diaries,Prom Night and What Happens in Vegas...guess what it's working and finally its done..cant wait for the slumber party.
party - on 29th may we (the committee of Co-Curricular I) organized a party in KRTU which stands for Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara,Shah Alam..not that all,since zulfiqar's birthday was that week too,so we planned by making a surprise party for him and fotunately it is a surprise. he not even noticed at all...well happy 18th birthday..its on may anyway..i had great tyme with games.,swimming,cakes and party!!

makan angin - haha..nothing much.i went to Teluk Batik with my family since my nephew nk mandi we went there..really had great tyme...but quite hectic cause i need to put my eyes on him (Irfan). God,you guys should aware with childrens like him..he is total freak and can be annoying i tell the car he cant even sit quitely not even 60 secs unless if he's sleeping..

i guess till here then.update later with few other events later. Enjoy all the attached photo that i share.

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