Saturday, July 19, 2008


Lots of thing happens in a while..
I’m pretty lazy to write a blog for a particular time..
So,im kinda late for this..
But what happens I’ll make it in flow..

1. Results
2. Shopping
3. Midsem
3. As-if-a-tourist

Ok..lemme ask a question..what subject that can cause u a headache? Haha..tricky question but my ans will be CO-CURICULAR I…its like God noes how I felt bout the’s absurd and not fers, it tot Its gonna be lke we enter a club or sumthing, but it turns up we have to learn as in having theory classes bout judge the subject!! Having a simple final question and I’m fcuking believed that I can do it and get flying colour result but sadly it was a B. the thing is, not that I’m not bersyukur, but for me its not relevant to get a B for co-cu since I guess I can do it..well the final takes about 50%,assignments 15%,presentation 15%,project 20%...let say final I got 45%(since I can do it ryte..),presentation and assignment total up 20%,project 10%..that makes 75% which is A-..why do I get B?? is it the marks given based on personal judgement?

Next shopping..well there’s 1 day that I went to Sunway Pyramid with Kak Sha, Ijah and Fairuz…well I’m the driver..hehe..kak sha wanna buy a Mary Jane from Crocs…and Ijah sed she wanna buy sumthing that I guess for her sumone we when there and having real fun…we when to food court to had our brunch and start to hoping around the SP…while we walking around,suddenly we met the “crazy girls”…Vijaya,Haseena,Mimi, and Nisa…(sorry girls) they gonna watch Wanted which tempted us to do so..haha..b4 we when for the movie..Ijah asked me..”syafiq,tlg crikan baju…” then I reply,” sure..jom la…” then we walk in to Giordano and she ask me that shirt ok or not..then bla…bla..bla..then Kak Sha tell me sumthing..”syafiq..sbnrnye kt nk bli bju utk syafiq..hadiah birthday…”what do u expect me to react..of course I was shocked and a bit blushing la…OMG, I was like so thrilled and I found it was so sweet of finally I choose Topman as a choice…its just like choosing Louis Vuitton over Chanel. Haha. Thanks to them..

Next is mid sem…my mid sem was last week and it was the most-unprepared-midsem evr…u noe sumthing…I was doing nothing for the whole last week, but what I did was go to seremban n Alam Shah with Raja, went to Kotok’s…having fun all week..but comes to study, I haven’t started yet..not even a bad huh?? I’ve been so dumb ass that I read the whole 5 chapters in 1 days…can u imagine that? Horrible ryte..u noe like I don’t even sleep that nyte literally..but I do have some short naps..then by 4am in the morning Raja offered himself to be my pal to study in McD since he’s really concern I guess…so he arrived in mais at 4.30am and we straight away heading to McD which is situated behind Mais..haha..=) so I studies there till 6am,then he sent me back to mais and I took a nap and woke up at 7am..see that my life and I can imagine that life when I enter the Medical Line soon…anyway thanks to Raja for being there for me during that crucial time..

And recently I with som of my pal which involves in Co-Cu 2 project(AJK Soalan) when to survey the project site which is Shah Alam Park…we really had a great time that day…u noe what,we walk there and being like a tourist in our own country…its funny ryte..we were there like we never been there b4…if u guys saw us there, u’ll be ashamed by us I guess..hahaha..we were like crazy Malaysian…but theres 1 part that I’m eager to tell u people…that day when we ere walking at the small bay somewhere inside there..theres 1 pakcik working on the coconut tree…I saw they drink the coconut I was like sooo envy and we give a hint fpr the first time, but he ignored…then second attempt was made by Nisa and Kak Sha..suddenly he gave a positive respond and sed’ “adek2 nak ke?..” then Nisa replied,” xpe la…” I was like,I ran back there and sed sure why not..then only that pakcik start to open those coconut for us and it was so cool that we saved about almost 10 bucks if we buy thosi drinks my heart I was great and cool..and it is FREE…

its my birthday present from kaksha,ijah,fairuz

at the shah alam park

we got free drinks:air kelapa

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