Saturday, July 19, 2008

orientation from FORM 5

Here we go…
There’s a group or shall I say it a clique that called “clique Kak Zah” I’ve known them cause I always be with the members. The irony of this clique was the highest level that gonna make whoever in it super power is title ‘FORM 5’. I shall list down the members of ‘FORM 5’ that are Raja, ijam, kotok, faizal and there’s some of ‘em I might not know. There’s a day where I started to be imported I guess…it was a day I was called as ‘FORM 1’..that’s the day I was taught something that is interesting bout it.. u see, I a short while I was “awarded” to be ‘form 4’…I feel great and find it tremendously awesome that I’ve already be a ‘FORM 4’ of that clique…but sadly we have to go thru a few series of orientation that not only ‘form 1’ attend it, but ‘form 4’ as well must grad from that orientation. There’s also rules that must be obeyed which was set but ‘FORM 5’ itself..

Some of the rules….(not complete since I’m still learning)

1# form 4 jgn tido selagi f5 x berdengkur
2# bile f5 panggil mesti, dh terpacak kt depan f5
3# bile f5 pegang perut or mengunyap(acting like eating),form mesti dh tau ape kene wat..(masak)
4# f4 xboleh membantah arahan f5
5# mesti tau flow to groom (1st toner,2nd moisteriser,…..)

This is the part, in this clique also they always play games which I shall not mention it cause its sensitive…last 2 days(Thursday) I was with raja at ijam’s. they were happy playing this game until they invited me to play… I got no other option since I’m still I have to join. And you know what, they lied to me just because they wanna drag me into it… so finally I was victimized by the 2 form 5…what I can say here is, the game was grouse and it smell like SHIT.

One more was when I and Raja again came back from Alam Shah and it was about 3.30 am,so raja decided to go to Kotok’ there we were that time..and after Kotok’s open the door, the form 5 started their chatting and we were talking bout music instrument… then out of sudden, raja ask weather I’m hungry or not and I was not.. then I got it, he indirectly said that he was hungry…then he purposely said to me…”kozac, I dh kluakan nugget….” I was still ignoring them..until they did something which open my eyes….it was the rule 3#...and they finally demand by saying..”if kt McD,I order 20 pcs nugget….” So, 20 pieces I fried at 4am in the morning…see how hard to join them…

It was a fun time anyway…
Special thanks to Kak Zah, Kak Noi, Kak Mawar and others….

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